Be a podcast guest

You Can’t Buy A Secret

Here’s a hard truth: You can’t buy a secret…and your potential clients can’t buy anything from you if you’re a secret either!

That’s why it’s MISSION CRITICAL to get your message in front of as many potential clients as possible.

Because if no one knows about you… they can’t hire you.

And if they can’t hire you… you go broke.

And if you go broke… you go out of business.

And if you go out of business… the clients who NEED you can’t hire you.

It’s a vicious cycle that you can BREAK by getting your message seen, heard and talked about.

One of THE fastest ways to do that is to be a GUEST on someone else’s thriving platform. 

For the next week-ish, we’re going to focus on being a PODCAST GUEST.

Why podcasting?

:: There are millions of podcast listeners every month downloading and spending quality time with their favorite shows. And these are relatively affluent listeners who WANT to hear your message.

:: Podcasts let you tell your story in a rich format where listeners can get to know you on a whole new level. It speeds up the know, like and trust factor and people are often way more comfortable speaking with me AFTER they’ve heard me on an interview because they already have a feel for me, my message, my energy and what I’m all about.

:: There are thousands of potential podcasts you can be on RIGHT NOW with tens of thousands (maybe even millions) of listeners ready to engage in your message. You literally cannot BUY that kind of advertising — and being a podcast guest is FREE.

Why should you listen to me?

:: I ran my own successful podcast for 18 months – The Breaking Free podcast and had hundreds of people pitch me to be on my show… so I’ve seen it all. The great pitches, the horrible pitches and the really easy-to-ignore pitches. I’ll show you how to create a GREAT pitch (and the pitfalls to avoid so you’re not in the ‘horrible’ or ‘easy-to-ignore’ camp).

:: I’ve been a guest on some of the most successful and influential podcasts in my niche including Lady Biz Radio, Biz Women Rock, Unemployable Woman, Marketing Moxie Podcast, CLIQUE Podcast, Live Your Life Now, The Career Farm, Dream Corner, A Better Life, The Starters Club and many more… and all of these appearances lead to more traffic, more people signing up for my email list and more potential client conversations.

:: In December 2015, I pitched myself to 30 additional podcasts as a guest in about 3 hours. I’ll show you the productivity hacks as well as a bit about my strategy to turn these guest spots into new potential client opportunities (within a couple weeks, I’ve already scheduled 6 interviews and am working on scheduling many more… and I KNOW this will turn into great business opportunities).

Before just randomly submitting your information to every podcast owner out there, today’s assignment will focus your efforts so you get the most out of your GUEST PODCASTING efforts.

Assignment 1 – Who needs your message?

Answer the following questions:

1.       What types of podcasts would your ideal clients listen to (and think beyond just your business niche category to other areas of their lives)?

2.       Here are the iTunes categories – check all that apply for you to explore:





Games & Hobbies

Government & Organizations


Kids & Family


News & Politics

Religion & Spirituality

Science & Medicine

Society & Culture

Sports & Recreation


TV & Film

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Stay tuned for tomorrow’s exercise where I’ll show you how to create a pitch template to streamline your pitching efforts.

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