Facebook Ads

Stop blindly spending money on Facebook ads hoping to be successful.

Facebook ads done right convert like a dream. These ads easily turn a $1 investment into $2, $5, $15 or more.

But it doesn’t just happen. There is a lot of strategy, testing and real-world experience that goes into these winning ad strategies.

Just imagine attracting your most perfect, most ideal clients all day, every day. What would it be like to easily fill your business with eager, willing clients? People who want to buy what you’ve got?

No more hunting. No more trying to find your people. No pitching yourself to blogs and podcasts hoping their audience will buy from you.

When done right, Facebook ads hone in on the right audience, providing you with tons of insights that help you get super smart about your business.

Facebook ads done wrong are a nightmare.

They’ll suck every last penny out of your bank account in no time flat, leaving you broke, frustrated and confused.

So what's the difference between Facebook ads that convert like a dream vs the money-sucking nightmares?


Before spending a single cent on Facebook ads, take this quiz:

I felt like I was reaching the same people and I know that there are more people out there who could use my insights and be my clients!

Michelle helped me identify cold FB audiences that I could reach to expand my awareness. Those FB audience actually cost less to convert that my warm audience! I've found two look alike audiences that convert well for me.

Michelle Mazur

Communication Rebel, Speaking Business Strategist

She's a Facebook Ad Wizard who knows how to find and tap into the right people for your business.

Kirsten de Greling - Visman

Clarity and Career Coach for Expat Partners and Women en Transition

The good news? You don't have to figure out Facebook ads on your own.

I created my one-on-one strategic Facebook ad service to get down-and-dirty with a few committed entrepreneurs who are ready to grow their business in a big way.

I’ll help you create a totally customized strategy to get known. To attract clients. To build trust and excitement for your business.

With your expertise combined with my strategic Facebook ad approach, we’ll fill your business with the most ideal clients for your products, programs and services.

You get my brain, my insight and my experience on your business.

Bottom line? We become a dynamic duo working towards your business success. No more trying to figure this out on your own.

Interested? Fill out this form for a free call where I will outline the exact strategy I’d use to achieve your goals.

Here's what you can expect from my Facebook ad one-on-one service:

  • Review: Are Facebook Ads Right For Your Business?

Before we even begin working together, we’ll estimate your Facebook ad investment during our free call. You’ll know what it will take to reach your goals with my proprietary Facebook ad calculators.

Knowing your numbers – what you can spend and still be profitable – is critical before starting.

Click to apply for your complimentary Borrow my Brain session here.

  • Complete Funnel Review

Once you become a client, we’ll do a deep dive session on your funnel. Our goal is to fill your funnel with the right people through smart targeting, the right message, the right creative and the right offer(s).

I’ll review your funnel. Then I’ll outline a cohesive Facebook strategy to attract your perfectly primed audience who want and need what you offer.

  • Custom Facebook Ad Targeting

Facebook ad targeting is one of the trickiest and most vital pieces of your Facebook ads. Get the targeting wrong and you’re throwing money into a bottomless Facebook ad pit. Get it right and Facebook ads become a client-attracting dream.

Ultimately, targeting a custom audience will make your Facebook ads SIGNIFICANTLY less expensive, smarter and better able to connect with the right audience to buy your offer.

  • Facebook Ad Creative

You will be responsible for providing creative, although we’ll work together on identifying which creative will support your strategy.

  • Facebook Ad Testing and Management

I’ll roll up my sleeves and begin running your ads. We’ll set budget limits and check in frequently on performance metrics so you have a finger on the pulse of your Facebook ads and how they’re supporting your business growth.

  • Facebook Ad Reporting

Throughout your campaign, you’ll get weekly informal reports with screenshots and status updates. At the end of each month, we’ll step back and do a more formal review of your campaign spend and results.

With my strategy, Facebook ads can work for you.

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You could spend months spinning your wheels trying to figure this out yourself.

Or you can let me help you. I absolutely LOVE Facebook ads!

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You’ll walk away from our call knowing EXACTLY how I will help you fill your funnel with Facebook ads.