Marketing Funnels

Isn't it time to create a Marketing Strategy that delivers results?

Imagine this…

You wake up tomorrow with 3 new client inquiries in your inbox. People who've filled out your website form and perfectly match your ideal client.

Or this…

You wake up tomorrow to 3 new sales of your latest product, program or membership site. People you don't know have gone through your marketing funnel and decided to buy… no additional effort on your side.

This is the power of a well-designed, tested and optimized marketing funnel.

Captivate potential clients with your lead magnet. Engage them throughout your funnel with meaningful, well-timed content that feels personalized and relevant. Present an irresistable sales offer. Automatically.

Here's the truth

Marketing funnels take a lot of work. And they’re hard to create from scratch on your own.

I can give you the exact blueprint to a funnel that will convert for you…

… but without the right ingredients at the right time, your funnel won’t convert.

You need landing pages with headlines that stop visitors in their tracks and entice them into your funnel.

You need lead magnets that prime your audience for your ultimate sales offer… positioning YOU as the only trustworthy person to solve their problems.

You need an email series that feels personalized and relevant so they get to know and trust your offer as the best solution.

You need a sales page that hooks your reader with emotional copy leading to your ultimate offer.

You may need a video or webinar to tie your system together, making the sale a no-brainer.

And you definitely need the technology to tie everything together.

The bad news? A well-designed and profitable funnel takes a lot of trial-and-error, testing and perfecting before it starts falling into place.

The good news? I will give you all the shortcuts, expert guidance and hands-on help you need to get your own profitable funnel up and running. Fast.

Don't waste another millisecond trying to piece together your own marketing funnel. Instead, apply for a Borrow my Brain strategy session.

I'll design your customized marketing funnel roadmap so you know the EXACT strategy I'd use to achieve your goals.

Over the past seven months Michelle has been a wealth of knowledge for me as I’ve continued to expand my business. With expansion, comes new territory, and Michelle has been key in helping me move forward with decisions in a number of areas, from how to effectively price my public speaking engagements to best practices in promoting a TV segment I was featured in earlier this year.

She has also helped me steer clear of marketing strategies that “seem like a good idea because everyone else is doing them,” but aren’t a match for my business, saving me a lot of time and energy to focus on the things that count.

There comes a point in business where a trusted outside perspective becomes even more valuable to obtain. Michelle’s decades of marketing experience, industry knowledge, and ability to connect from the heart are a rare combination in a sea of coaching possibilities, and she is absolutely someone I go to for solid advice when I’m looking for an insider’s perspective on what steps to take next.

Lena D. Meyer

Transformational Life Coach, Founder, Gratitude6

I could see Michelle getting results for other people and I finally decided I was worth investing in. I knew I had something to offer people, I just didn't know where to find them. I was lost when it came to marketing. And I knew Michelle is the best, and I wanted the best.

Brigid Ward

Online Business Manager/Launch Strategist,

Why am I giving away these valuable strategies?

In full transparency, this is how I find new clients.

You see, I believe in giving first. I want you to know EXACTLY how I would approach your funnel before you make a decision to work with me. I want any potential client to feel like they’re making a decision to work with me knowing exactly what they’ll get from working together.

And often after I’ve outlined a funnel strategy people are so thrilled… they can see the possibilities for their business with their strategic marketing plan laid out.

Yet they may feel overwhelmed at where to start.

And that’s where I​ come in.

Here's how we can work together:

Build Your Funnel Bootcamp

With Build Your Funnel Bootcamp, you are 5 weeks away from creating, running and profiting from your first (or next) marketing funnel with more sales, no stress and the freedom to focus on what you do best.

Done With You

With this program, it’s you + me + my proven marketing funnel system.

I’ll give you my formulas, shortcuts and templates along with customized hands-on guidance to implement it into your own business.

This package starts at $5,000. Payment plans available.

VIP Done-For-You Marketing Funnel Creation

This service is perfect if you don’t want to dive into the nitty-gritty of creating your own marketing funnel.

We’ll still work together so you have your finger on the pulse of everything, but my team and I will build out your marketing funnel. Once it’s built, we will launch and test it to make sure your funnel converts into leads.

Due to the incredibly high level of service, I can only work with a small number of clients each year. Inquire if there are any spots currently available.

Packages start at $25,000. Payment plans available.