Are you ready to profit without worry?

It’s time to figure out how once and for all.

Every business has a story, and mine isn’t probably so different from yours.
I went into business for myself to have freedom and flexibility — and of course, to make a living.

I found myself hustling nonstop to find clients and to make my business profitable, but I wasn’t getting where I wanted to be. NOT.EVEN.CLOSE.

Having gone to a ton of events, I had hundreds of discovery calls booked. I would start each call all excited thinking this one would be the one, and then...nothing. In fact, not only was I not getting a “yes” at the end of the call, I pretty much never heard from these people again.

Hundreds of calls. ZERO sales. 

After that, I knew something had to change — and it needed to happen fast. It was time to make my business work or go back to working for someone else.

The day I realized I needed to create strategic systems to attract new clients consistently was the day my life and business changed forever.

Now, I partner with overworked online business owners, experts, and coaches to help them stop worrying about where their next sale will come from by implementing simple, proven systems that generate Profit Without Worry.

I show you how to turn random looky-loo website visitors, happenstance meetings, and disjointed marketing efforts into a consistent, reliable stream of happy, paying clients. 

Having Profit Without Worry isn’t some unattainable goal.
It CAN be a reality, and I’m here to help you make it happen.

About Michelle

Hey there, I’m Michelle Evans.

At the age of 8, my entrepreneurial journey began as I enlisted my baby sister to help me sell Campfire candy door-to-door (she was only 5, with missing front teeth and waaaaay cuter than me). Ever since then, I’ve been on the hunt for the best way to predictably grow my business.

Having spent several years working for one of the biggest tech giants around, I made the decision that it was time to get back to my entrepreneurial roots and strike out on my own.

Those first years in business were a blur. I was doing anything and everything I could think of to find clients and generate some profit.

I was busy, busy, busy all the time. — yet I didn’t seem to be making any progress (or money!).

All that changed when I realized that what my business was missing were strategic systems. I needed to build the foundational parts of my business that would allow me to make a profit without being on the go constantly. 

Once I began to shift my focus, my business took off, and I was no longer barely making ends meet.

Now, I work with a fantastic community of business owners — coaches, consultants, experts, speakers, authors, and solopreneurs — using my 20+ years of successful marketing experience to create client-generating, income-producing, stress-reducing strategic business systems.

I’ve since been featured in Mirasee, Huffington Post, and 60+ other incredible places around the Internet. I’ve worked with household names like Microsoft, LinkedIn and more as a well-paid employee and consultant.

I’ve cracked the code on the art and science of strategic systems, and there’s nothing I’d like better than to help you ditch your worry and start generating predictable profit day in and day out.

Profit Without Worry is possible. Let’s get started.

"From strategy to execution, Michelle gets results. Her ability to establish and optimize business goals and metrics, seeking insights and feedback for continuous improvement are quite impressive. A true team collaborator, she works well with many types of people and is as comfortable leading as she is participating in projects. Would welcome the opportunity to work with her again anytime."

Jacqueline Touma

Director of Marketing (CMO), Fluke Biomedical

"I have had the privilege of knowing Michelle Evans for many years. In that time she has proven to be the most insightful resource for market strategy and positioning I have ever worked with. She has a tremendous ability to consistently affect our engagements with passion and precision. She is a class act – I highly recommend."

Jeremy Hill

President at JB Capital Management

Are you ready to ditch the busywork and start creating consistent Profit Without Worry?

The Official Bio

Michelle L Evans walked away from her global marketing strategy role at Microsoft in 2012 after a successful 16-year corporate career spanning many industries. Now Michelle helps coaches & experts go from simply surviving to predictably SOLD OUT using the automation power of marketing funnels.

When she’s not working on her business, you can usually find her in the car taking one of her three kids to some sort of activity or at home drinking a glass of wine with her handsome and talented photographer/systems engineer/baker husband (his chocolate truffles + lava cakes are a-mazing).  Check out her best tips on adventures in building a business, marketing hacks and more at

And, click here to listen to Michelle's free podcast - Profit Without Worry - for experts, solopreneurs and entrepreneurs who want to find out what's working and what's not in online marketing and building a business.