Love notes. Thank yous.

Helping amazing people grow their businesses… it's what I hop out of bed every morning THRILLED to do.

When clients take a minute to drop me a love note it absolutely makes my day. Keep on reading to see what some of my happy clients have said about working with me.

Client Love Notes…

Working with Michelle instantly put our minds at ease. It was obvious from the beginning that she knew what she was doing, and our ad account was in safe, expert hands. Through her guidance, we leveraged ads to introduce our offerings to a brand new audience, and we were thrilled with how well she kept our costs low and conversions high. We'd absolutely recommend her to anyone who is looking to grow their reach through Facebook ads and marketing funnels.

Jessi Honard + Marie Parks

North Star Messaging + Strategy

Helene Scott | Brand Story Strategist & Biz Alignment Mentor

Annette Bond | Corporate & Personal Image Consultant

Chef Shelley

Annalicia Lynn

Marissa Rodriguez

Lauren Thorsen

Jenn Murray owner of as someone in the process of launching her business, Michelle’s Funnel Bootcamp was the absolute perfect marketing investment. Now that I have a firm grasp on funnels, I can get my business off the ground in a low-cost / high-return way.

Michelle’s course is amazingly complete, covering everything from research, to building the funnel, to catchy headings, to emails. She is truly devoted to helping you create a successful funnel, and she is always present to help you along the way. Plus, Michelle’s course materials, feedback, and communication is always practical, to-the-point, and fun!

I would highly recommend this course to any business owner – experienced or new. It’s an investment you’ll be glad you made!

Jenn Murray

Michelle Evans has one of the most strategic marketing minds you could ever hope to have to work with your business.

She knows marketing, and she knows how to make your marketing better. She has helped me increase conversion rates by 10% on my landing pages, set up more effective nurturing sequences for new subscribers, and she is a Facebook whiz.

She found a new audience for my business to target so that I could grow my email list.

If you get a chance to get Michelle's eyes on your business, I highly recommend that you jump on it FAST. She'll make your business money.

Dr. Michelle Mazur, PhD

The Communication Rebel

Could less than 90 minutes with Michelle really change anything for me an my business? I was skeptical at first. Michelle completely blew me away in the short time we initially spent together and continues to rock my world and change my business with each and every interaction.

Her insights have changed my marketing mind from confused and drained to clear and excited. I know the strategies Michelle teaches me will payoff and pay the bills. With her help, I now know sustainable income and powerful impact is possible with more ease than I could have ever imagined.

Annalicia Lynn


Within several months of working with Michelle, I worked to strategically monetize my website and was able to walk away from my corporate life and never look back.

I have Michelle's business savvy, coaching brilliance and boundless encouragement to thank for that.

Becca Piastrelli


Working with Michelle provided me with the perfect combination of invaluable business strategy and inspiration.

Every time I meet with Michelle I walk away with new ideas, inspired to take action.

Deanna Carlisle


The work that I’m doing with Michelle Evans is the best gift I’ve ever given myself.

She has an uncanny ability to get right to the real issues and help find just the right approach to address them. She’s great at keeping me on task, holding me accountable and ensuring I see how it all ties together. She challenges me in I always I never would have thought of myself, and I leave our sessions feeling reinvigorated, re-focused on my goals, and recommitted to why I’m working with Michelle Evans. Thank you Michelle!

Paula O'Brien

Events Expert and Self Employed

My work with Michelle has been nothing short of amazing. Here are my top 3:

1. Effectively helped facilitate gaining greater clarity with evolving goals
2. Provided programmatic methods allowing improved focus on path to effectively gaining traction with progress toward meeting objectives
3. Actively and proactively reinforced 2 and 3 through regular engagement and effective planning tools (online and analog)

Brent Kaiser


Michelle is a fantastic marketer and business leader, with a clear ability and vision for getting right to what matters. She's a creative, results-oriented professional, able to ensure multiple initiatives stay on track and deliver on their objectives.

Matt Heinz

President, Heinz Marketing Inc.

Michelle and I worked together directly on the mortgage division of Market Leader. We executed a turnaround strategy on a division at the beginning of the mortgage crisis. We were able to return the division back to profitability and tested several new business models. Michelle was a great partner to the sales team and Sr Director of Sales in making the team successful.

Nikesh Parekh

VP of New Ventures at Trulia

Build Your Funnel Bootcamp has lots of great information, but the real benefit is that you get so much access to Michelle.

You get to ask her questions, pick her brain, learn from her funnel expertise, and even have her call you on your own BS, which means you'll get way more out of the course than you would trying to build a funnel on your own.

She puts so much time and dedication into the people in the course community–that alone makes it worth several times what she's currently charging.

Bottom line: if you can work with Michelle, work with Michelle.

James Ranson

The Master Wordsmith™,

I can't tell you how many times I've thought: If someone could just go through all my marketing systems and let me know – Where can I improve? Where should I invest next? And then here came The Marketing System Health Check Up and it was beyond helpful! Michelle walked through every single one of my autoresponders, Facebook ads, opt-ins, and call to action steps.

She then provided specific and custom advice for my system that is unique to my business. I was dreaming of something like this – it was as if Michelle held up a mirror to show me exactly how my users experience my systems and how I can make it better for them and my business. I am so thankful!

McKenzie Zajonc

Inner Nutritionist™

Michelle gave me in a few hours more useful information that I've gained in hundreds of hours of webinars and, unfortunately, than I gained from a couple of thousand dollars in consulting fees.

Although our initial talk was set for 30 minutes, she had already done her homework on my site and she had provided a pre-talk questionnaire which was quite searching all by itself, so we didn't waste any time in getting right down to business. During the consulting session, she gave me a half-dozen tips that will keep me busy implementing them for many weeks to come, and that's just the start.

The subsequent video commentary was over 18 minutes of solid detail; I made 3 pages of notes just from that. All in all, I got a ton of value from a few minutes with Michelle. Throughout all this, she never made any effort at an upsell; in fact, when I suggested getting more deeply involved, she told me that from where I was at the time, it would be a waste of my money, and we could revisit in a few months once I start to see the results from implementing all that advice (maybe she just wants to see if I will actually do it :-).

Douglas M. Brown, Ph.D, CEA, PMP

Author of "Let It Simmer: Making Project, Portfolio and Program Management Practices Stick in a Skeptical Organization

Michelle’s process in helping define my personal value proposition lead me to great insights about myself and set my work life on fire!

Diana Dotte

CEO of Vinda Media and Director of the Seattle Film School

I have had the privilege of knowing Michelle Evans for many years.

In that time she has proven to be the most insightful resource for market strategy and positioning I have ever worked with. She has a tremendous ability to consistently affect our engagements with passion and precision. She is a class act – I highly recommend.

Jeremy Hill

President at JB Capital Management

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Michelle over the last year both from the agency site as my client and from working alongside her as a consultant.

She’s collaborative, thorough, optimistic, quick thinking, creative, and more. She’s a go getter and knows how to take an idea, set it in motion, and see it through to completion—all with an eye for excellence in project management, relationships, and quality. I welcome the opportunity to work with Michelle again and look forward to our paths crossing time and time again.

Tracy Bille-Newkirk

Marketing Consultant

Michelle is a top notch marketing professional. She and I worked on a marketing road map strategy; she has excellent instinct, impeccable attention to detail and the ability to lead a project to completion in a timely manner. Her people skills and leadership are clearly demonstrated in her work. She is a pleasure to work with.

Therese Platt

Consultant + Program Manager, Oxygen Learning

As a result of working with Michelle Evans, I have created a strong marketing funnel that catches my ideal clients’ attention. They are able to very simply understand the services and value I offer. As a result, I am able to quickly connect with my ideal clients and earn their business. Investing in her services has an EXTREMELY HIGH ROI. Using Michelle’s coaching and teachings, I have been able to QUADRUPLE MY ANNUAL REVENUE in ONE YEAR. She is full of energy, positivity, encouragement and extreme depth of knowledge regarding marketing. In addition to having a great experience in working with Michelle, her style of coaching/teaching enabled me to understand the “why” behind everything she recommends so that I can create funnels on my own in the future. Investing in Michelle’s services is THE MOST VALUABLE and IMPACTFUL step I have taken for my business. I highly recommend working with her so YOU can be the next SUCCESS STORY.

Hannah Pelley

Founder & Coach,

Michelle's insights and observations about MY presence on the web really contained actionable and meaningful suggestions that I have implemented right away (and some I still need to)

It's awesome that she uses live video to show you what she is seeing and why she is recommending improvements. She inspires me to do a better job of marketing my accounting services. This is down to earth, practical advice on how to make your marketing more effective! Plus it was just FUN to see what she recommended! (Ok,,, maybe a little embarrassing that I didn't recognize some of it!) Michelle is an inspiration!

Maddie Brown

Conscious CPA

“Before Build Your Funnel Bootcamp, I had great long-time clients, BUT I wasn’t attracting as many new clients as I wanted — even after investing in a beautiful new website + branding.

When I spoke with Michelle, she NAILED why I wasn’t attracting new people and I never would have discovered this on my own.

Now I know how to attract potential clients in a way that has them paying attention and saying: I want to work with Annette now!

In fact, in just one week of launching my funnel, I booked a high-end client. That feels great.”

Annette Bond

Personal Stylist

Over the past seven months Michelle has been a wealth of knowledge for me as I’ve continued to expand my business. With expansion, comes new territory, and Michelle has been key in helping me move forward with decisions in a number of areas, from how to effectively price my public speaking engagements to best practices in promoting a TV segment I was featured in earlier this year.

She has also helped me steer clear of marketing strategies that “seem like a good idea because everyone else is doing them,” but aren’t a match for my business, saving me a lot of time and energy to focus on the things that count.

There comes a point in business where a trusted outside perspective becomes even more valuable to obtain. Michelle’s decades of marketing experience, industry knowledge, and ability to connect from the heart are a rare combination in a sea of coaching possibilities, and she is absolutely someone I go to for solid advice when I’m looking for an insider’s perspective on what steps to take next.

Lena D. Meyer

Transformational Life Coach, Founder of Gratitdue6

Working with Michelle is always an eye-opener. Every time I get stuck she's able to put in into words what has been stopping me from reaching my fullest potential.

She has an ability to see beyond what I am showing to the outside world, identifying my inner strengths and how to translate them into my business. It has made all the difference between struggling to squeeze out some money and thriving feeling in the flow and confident of my direction. Priceless! I completely recommend her to anyone needing a fresh eye with their business direction.

Raine Boyd


What can I say that hasn't already been said about Michelle? HIRE HER

She will drive results with energy and enthusiasm, and you will enjoy working with her. Michelle is a top-notch business woman with excellent strategic sense and strong implementation skills. She thinks around corners, builds bullet-proof plans, and executes with precision. She makes teams better. I was so fortunate to work with Michelle, and I'd do so again in a heartbeat.

Sheryl Tullis

Chief Veternaista and VP of Launch Talent, Launch Consulting Group

From strategy to execution, Michelle gets results. Her ability to establish and optimize business goals and metrics, seeking insights and feedback for continuous improvement are quite impressive. A true team collaborator, she works well with many types of people and is as comfortable leading as she is participating in projects. Would welcome the opportunity to work with her again anytime.

Jacqueline Touma

Director of Marketing (CMO), Fluke Biomedical

When I first met Michelle, I knew that she was going to be exceptional marketing expertise and would bring much needed focus, knowledge, and skills to an organization that was going through significant changes.

Michelle immediately identified the key marketing priorities that would contribute to our sales success. She managed multiple priorities such as integrated marketing projects, strategic alliances, and always stepped up to help during continuous changes in the business. I would strongly recommend her; she is great to work with, has a natural energy and enthusiasm, and she is great at problem solving. Those are the kind of people I love to work with!

Marty Dugan

VP of Sales at BizX