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Join me behind the scenes as we dive into how different marketing funnel strategies help you attract more clients, get your message to more people and make more money… without all the hustle, sleepless nights and stress of a big launch.

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Episode 72: Social Proof: Why It Matters

We’re continuing to talk all about the principles of persuasion — coined by Dr. Robert Cialdini way back in 1984. If you missed episode 70 where I introduced these principles AND went in-depth into persuasion pillar #1 (reciprocity) or episode 71 where we talked...

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Episode 70: Do You Know the Principles of Persuasion?

Back in 1984, Dr. Robert Cialdini came up with what are known as the principles of persuasion. This isn’t something new and crazy — but tried and true — and when you understand how to use these principles in your own business, everything will change. When you match up...

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Episode 69: Smart Leaders Sell with Jessica Lorimer

If the idea of having to sell makes you feel all icky, this is the episode for you! My guest, sales expert Jessica Lorimer, is here to dispel some myths and share what it means to sell with integrity. Wealthy women will change the world, and it’s Jessica’s mission to...

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Episode 68: What’s Your 3 Word Rebellion?

Coming up with an overarching message for your business can be tricky, and it’s a common problem for a lot of business owners — especially when you want your business to be about something more and make an impact in the world. That’s exactly why, when I started to get...

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