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Get your customized marketing strategy to attract all the clients you'll ever want.

If you're anything like my successful clients, you've invested a lot of time learning about marketing strategy.

You've tried a lot of ‘proven' marketing formulas and client-attracting strategies.

Enrolling in courses.


But marketing continues to be your biggest roadblock.

You haven’t cracked the code to consistently find new clients – yet.

It’s time to figure this out once and for all.

You’ve seen other people in your niche having big wins and you’re wondering, ‘when is it MY turn’?

You’re in the right place. I’ve got you covered.

The truth is proven marketing formulas and client-attracting strategies give you an idea of what’s possible.

They get you started.

But you’ve still got to piece together how to customize the marketing strategy to work in your business.

And that’s usually where it falls apart, because…

… if you don’t have the technical skills

… if you don’t know how to implement the strategy

… if you don’t know where to start

… if you don’t have the systems

… if you don’t speak the ‘marketing’ language

… if you don’t know your ideal client inside and out

… if you don’t know how to price your offer

… if you don’t know what makes you different/better than your competitors

… if you don’t know how to create a landing page that converts

… if you don’t know how to write a sales page

… if you don’t know how to write emails that get clients excited to buy

Then you’re stuck.
No marketing strategy will work until you figure all of that out.

And of course you can eventually figure this on your own by buying even more courses and reading many more books on marketing, copywriting, advertising, social media, video, public speaking, strategy and more…

…but all that time wasted learning even more new strategies, testing approach after approach, piecing a strategy together, going through the trial and error and all the ups and downs on your own… that time doesn’t come back…

I know because I’ve spent the last twenty years as a marketing professional.

I’ve invested tens of thousands of dollars on courses, seminars and events, thousands of hours studying marketing and millions of dollars testing out marketing strategy after strategy.

I’ve figured out the shortcuts by implementing successful marketing strategies for everyone from Fortune 100 companies like Microsoft to coaches, experts and consultants selling a program, product or service.

And I want to use that experience to customize a marketing funnel strategy for you.

So if you're ready to:

  • Get the RIGHT targeted traffic to your business with Facebook ads
  • Develop a strategic marketing funnel to sell a program, product, course or membership site
  • Design a nurturing marketing funnel to help you sell high ticket coaching, consulting or services to ready-to-buy clients
  • Gain confidence that your marketing funnel works
  • Sell out your consulting, coaching or professional services, program or product

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I can't tell you how many times I've thought: If someone could just go through all my marketing systems and let me know – Where can I improve? Where should I invest next? And then here came Michelle! She walked through every single one of my autoresponders, Facebook ads, opt-ins, and call to action steps.

She then provided specific and custom advice for my system that is unique to my business. I was dreaming of something like this – it was as if Michelle held up a mirror to show me exactly how my users experience my systems and how I can make it better for them and my business. I am so thankful!

McKenzie Zajonc

Inner Nutritionist™

Working with Michelle is always an eye-opener. Every time I get stuck she's able to put in into words what has been stopping me from reaching my fullest potential. She has an ability to see beyond what I am showing to the outside world, identifying my inner strengths and how to translate them into my business. It has made all the difference between struggling to squeeze out some money and thriving – feeling in the flow and confident of my direction.

Priceless! I completely recommend her to anyone needing a fresh eye with their business direction.

Raine Boyd


Working with Michelle provided me with the perfect combination of invaluable business strategy and inspiration.

Every time I meet with Michelle I walk away with new ideas, inspired to take action.

Deanna Carlisle


Are you ready for the same successes in your business?

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