Stop Guessing What People Want To Buy

This Is How You Can Easily Attract Buyers With Confidence

Raise your hand if any of these thoughts have gone through your head about your business.

  • Why isn’t anyone buying?
  • What do people want to buy?
  • Why is it so easy for [insert big name here] to sell so much?
  • What should I sell?
  • How much should I sell it for?
  • Am I even cut out for this whole online business thing?

Yep, I’ve been there too.

But after a lot of struggle and frustration, I discovered it doesn’t have to be that way.

Failure-To-Launch (Part 1)

In June 2013, I launched my first online course. And it BOMBED.

(Seriously, I couldn’t even GIVE it away)

Looking back I know why it failed BUT at the time, I was overwhelmed, frustrated and confused because I thought I’d done everything right.

Here’s what happened:

At the time, I was selling an in-person workshop to corporate clients for their employees. That $8,000+ workshop sold easily and I often had a waiting list months in advance.

People who went through the workshop gave overwhelmingly positive feedback so I thought to myself why don’t I just make this workshop into an online course? More people can take it for a lot less money - it’ll be a win/win all around.

Sounds like a no-brainer, right?

Not so much.

When I launched my first online course, I KNEW I was on my way to a 7-figure passive income business. And I invested a TON of money into attracting an audience and marketing to them.

  • I ran ads.
  • I created a 7-part video series.
  • I wrote tons of emails.
  • I created a sales page.
  • I created my course with over 18 hours of video content
  • I did guest blogs.
  • I made freebies for download.
  • I created a separate website for the community and course.
  • I created a brand with special colors and a logo and everything.
  • I sank more than $20,000 into this course, not to mention at least 7 months of content development time.

Just imagine for a minute spending 7+ months and $20k+ to launch an online offer that you KNEW was perfect for your audience.

The excitement. The anticipation. The dreams. The hopes. The big desires.


And then... CRICKETS.

A month went by… then two… then three and still no one wanted to buy.

I couldn’t understand it - this was a successful workshop that I taught month in and month out for my corporate clients.

So I went to 20 or so previous in-person students and peers and gave them free access to the course. The only thing I wanted in return was an answer to this question →  would they recommend my online course to others.


Not one of the 20 people even logged in. I literally couldn’t even GIVE it away.

With my dreams (and ego) in tatters I went back to a few of them and asked… why aren’t you interested in the course?


Only a few were brave enough to tell me that the course sounded boring and like way too much work.

I wish I would have known that BEFORE I spent all that time and money creating it.

The truth was I didn’t know my potential buyer as well as I thought I did.

​I was guessing at what my audience wanted to buy - and I was getting it wrong. Very wrong.

Fast forward through a couple more years of failure-to-launch repeats and I decided ENOUGH. It was time for a new approach.

So I created a new approach that I call Mini Offers.

And you know what? My Mini Offers worked so well Amy Porterfield featured me on her podcast to talk about them.

Things turned around

Thanks for my Mini Offers, I got so many great insights I was able to launch my Signature Program called Build Your Funnel Bootcamp that has gone on to help over a hundred business owners and gathered a TON of client testimonials.

Here are just a few of my happy students:


//  Owner of Relate Escape,

Highly Recommend This Course To Any Business Owner — Experienced Or New

“As someone in the process of launching her business, Michelle’s Funnel Bootcamp was the absolute perfect marketing investment. Now that I have a firm grasp on funnels, I can get my business off the ground in a low-cost/high return way.

Michelle’s course is amazingly complete, covering everything from research to building the funnel to catchy headings to funnels. She is truly devoted to helping you create a successful funnel, and she is always present to help you along the way. Plus, Michelle’s course materials, feedback, and communication are always practical, to-the-point, and fun!

I would highly recommend this course to any business owner — experienced or new. It’s an investment you’ll be glad you made!”

I know WITHOUT A DOUBT that I would NEVER have helped these business owners if I hadn’t created my first Mini Offers.

I’d probably still be stuck wondering what to offer (or truthfully… I would probably have gone back to my corporate job).

That’s how much Mini Offers changed my business.

so, what IS a mini offer?

Mini Offers are the fastest way to test what your audience WILL actually buy in the simplest way possible. 

I define a Mini Offer as: 

  1. 1
    An offer that you can put together and/or deliver in 2 hours or less
  2. 2
    An offer that is less than $200
  3. 3
    An offer to test what people will actually BUY without risking your life savings (and mental health) on a big, complicated launch
  4. 4
    An offer that gives you the ability to understand what buyers REALLY want

And here’s what makes a mini offer so powerful… 


Even if it’s just $7, they’re still paying you and that changes their mindset


Look, there is a big, MASSIVE difference between feedback from random people on the interwebs vs. feedback from a buyer with some of their own hard-earned money on the line.


And I’m not talking big money either… a $7 mini-offer can get you insight into your buyers that you could NEVER figure out on your own.

With Mini Offers, there’s no more guessing. No more asking randos in Facebook groups for feedback (and getting a million opinions that are super confusing). No more struggling to figure this out on your own.

mini offers will Transform Your Business

The truth is deeply understanding your audience --- truly understanding their pain, dreams and desires --- THAT is what makes attracting buyers simple.

And I’m not talking about filling out a customer avatar worksheet or slick marketing trickery. I’m talking about REAL insights. Real buyers. Real stories. Real people.

You see, the reason I was failing at launching a Signature Offer was because I didn’t have the REAL PEOPLE insights into:

  • Who buys
  • Why they buy
  • What they want from buying
  • Where they hang out
  • What questions they have

Without those insights, none of my offers worked.

I needed to find a way to get feedback from people with money on the line.

And that is exactly what Mini Offers are designed to do.

Mini Offers That Sell

With Mini Offers That Sell, you are 2-3 days away from creating and selling your first Mini Offer

When you join Mini Offers That Sell, you’ll:

Quickly create 1 - 5 mini offers that you can easily test on your audience to see what works (and WHY it works) giving you the buyer insights needed to grow your business.

Gather valuable audience insights such as where they hang out, what questions they have, what else they want to buy from you and more.

Know EXACTLY what kind of opt-in freebies, blog posts, podcasts and more you can create to speak directly to your buyer audience.

Understand WHY people buy and have stories, insights and testimonials to attract even more buyers to your Signature offer.

Have a step-by-step process to create and launch your Mini Offer in days so you don’t have to guess at what your audience wants to buy any longer.

Create confidence in who your buyer is AND how to most effectively attract more people to you even if you’re not a sales or marketing pro.

When You Join Mini Offers That Sell You Get

  • The complete step-by-step Mini Offers That Sell Creation Method
  • All trainings are available as soon as you join
  • Lifetime access to the course and all future updates
  • 100% online access, available 24/7/365
  • 11 training videos + powerful examples of other Mini Offers
  • 7 step-by-step workbooks to guide you through launching your first 2 - 5 Mini Offers

Get Started: Create Your First Mini Offer Now

The Right Mini Offers Will Change Your Business For Good

When done right, Mini Offers will help you get into your buyer’s head and TRULY understand what they want to buy, how they want to buy it and WHAT PROBLEM they’re trying to solve.

5 Reasons To Buy Mini Offers That Sell


Build As You Go Workshop

This is a build-as-you-go workshop that is specifically designed to get you building 3 - 5 mini offers by the end of the course. Every exercise will help you quickly prepare to launch your first Mini Offer.


Totally Focused, Zero Fluff

This workshop will give you the nuts-and-bolts of offering your first Mini Offer quickly while also showing you idea-generating examples of Mini Offers from others.


You Can Use It Now

I’ve made this as simple and straightforward as possible. You do not need any fancy technology - in fact, I’ve seen people do this with a gmail account and Google drive (both free services).


Get Powerful Testimonials

This is one of the most potent benefits of Mini Offers - you’ll gather powerful testimonials from happy buyers which will help you sell your Signature Offer.


Launch Your Mini Offer Fast

This course has less than 2 ½ hours of videos and very focused worksheets. You could buy the course and finish it today - potentially launching your first Mini Offer within 72 hours (depending on how focused you are).

Ready To Create Your First Mini Offer?

What You’ll Learn In Mini Offers That Sell

This powerful program teaches you the keys to creating a Mini Offer that gets results fast. 

You simply want to know - will people buy or not?

Get the inside scoop on not just randomly launching things out there - but launching Mini Offers that strategically help your business grow. We get into the four success keys, along with specific examples of Mini Offers that worked. You’ll end this module with guided exercises to begin brainstorming your own potential Mini Offers.

Crawl into the minds of your potential buyers to understand what they REALLY want to buy from you. I’ll take you through five places to find your audience AND the problems they’re asking about. You’ll be amazed at how much is available out there - for FREE - when you know where to look.

This is where you’ll take your audience insights and turn them into actual Mini Offers to test. Your audience is searching for your Mini Offer, so it’s all about getting ready to offer it as soon as possible.

No more wondering what you should sell your Mini Offer for - I’ll take you through a simple pricing strategy that will help you quickly set a price. Then I’ll show you how to make it super simple for people to actually buy from you.

Now that you’ve got at least one Mini Offer ready to go, it’s time to share it in the simplest, least expensive and least time consuming way possible. You’ll walk away from this module knowing how to identify where to share your Mini Offer AND some very simple strategies to sell it (without being pushy or salesy).

We are keeping things simple, simple, simple with this Mini Offer. No expensive systems here - I’ll show you some simple strategies to deliver your offer. We’ll look at some tools you can use (most of them are totally FREE). No need to worry about buying and learning any new tech.

You don’t just want the money people will pay you for your Mini Offer - you want the INSIGHTS. You’ll walk away knowing how to get insights, testimonials, stories and more out of your buyers so that you never, ever have to guess in your marketing again.

With Mini Offers That Sell, you get a proven roadmap to create your first few successful Mini Offers with easy-to-follow guidance, tutorials, examples and worksheets to get it done FAST.

No guessing, no overwhelm, no complicated tech.

Ready to create your first mini offer?

Is Mini Offers That Sell Right for Me?

Mini Offers That Sell is a program that anyone can follow, so it’s right for you if:

  • You’re trying something new to YOU
  • You’re trying something new to YOUR business
  • You’re pivoting your business
  • You’re having a tough time getting people to buy your bigger Signature offer
  • You’re having a tough time breaking through to your audience
  • You don’t have a ton of ideas for your marketing content
  • You’re not 100% positive what your audience wants to buy from you
  • You don’t know who your audience even is


Now it’s time to introduce your Bonuses!

For a limited time, you also get access to these additional high-value bonuses:

Bonus 1
Mini Offer Video Review
(valued at $997)

I’ll do an in-depth review at one of your Mini Offers and give you a detailed video review, complete with recommendations to make it convert more effectively.

Bonus 2
4 Weeks of Email and Voxer
Coaching Access to Michelle
(va​​​​lued at $1,440)

You can reach out with all your questions any time during the first 4 weeks after buying the course and get a totally personalized answer from me personally - not an assistant or generic FAQ.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of things can be Mini Offers?

The truth is, you probably already have at least one mini offer in your toolbox. You may not realize it though.

And you want to make sure your mini offer is STRATEGIC so that you get the insights you need.

Once you understand how they work, you’ll find that Mini Offers can be things like:

  • Swipe files
  • eBook/audio book
  • Planners
  • Paid webinar
  • Video
  • Audio
  • Quick service
  • Personalized video/written review
  • Simple tutorial or training
  • Information
  • App/trial offer

Will this really help me get more sales?

When you create a Mini Offer following my step-by-step guidance, you’ll understand EXACTLY why people buy (or don’t buy) and have deeper insights into what else you can offer your buyers. This will keep you focused on serving your audience in the way they want - which will lead to more buyers.

What if I’m changing my business focus?

This works if you’re changing your business focus, you’re new to your business OR you’ve been around for a while but feel stuck. Mini Offers That Sell is for people who want deeper insights into who buys and WHY they buy to grow a profitable business.

What technology do I need? 

Honestly, you don’t HAVE to use technology. You could do this with flyers and people paying you with a check. BUT, I will show you how to use either Stripe or PayPal to make getting paid easier along with Google Drive and a couple other free tools to deliver your Mini Offers… but you don’t have to use any of those.

What if I don’t have an audience?

No worries! I’ll show you how to find and test your audience quickly so you can start attracting the right people to your business.

Is this only for online marketers?

Nope. This works for any type of business - consulting, coaching, house cleaning, private chef, photographer, accountant, lawyer, landscape designer, dog walker and more - this is for people who want deeper insights into their audience so they can create business offers that almost sell themselves.

Is this only for online marketers?

Nope. This works for any type of business - consulting, coaching, house cleaning, private chef, photographer, accountant, lawyer, landscape designer, dog walker and more - this is for people who want deeper insights into their audience so they can create business offers that almost sell themselves.

What if I’ve never had success in marketing my business… will I be able to figure this out?

Yep - I’ve shared my failure stories, and I was able to figure this out. The biggest thing is just following the steps, asking the right questions (which I’ll give you) and listening to what people say/do. So if you can ask questions and gather feedback, you’ve got all it takes to do this.

It's Time To Create Your First Mini Offer