Yesterday I shared why being a PODCAST GUEST is one of the BEST ways to move your business into sold-out status.

(Hello clients + thriving business!)

But… there is a right way and a WRONG WAY to pitch yourself as a guest.

Trust me, I’ve seen some fantastic pitches and I’ve seen some disasters. Fantastic = airtime, disasters = delete.

Let’s get you in that fantastic zone, shall we?

Before you set out to pitch yourself to various podcasts, take a few minutes to think about the value YOU bring to an audience. Including:

  • Your background, story or other interesting tidbits that would make your interview interesting
  • Specific topics/teaching points you can bring to the audience
  • Why you would be a great guest

Here’s the template I use to pitch. I keep all this information in a OneNote (or EverNote) file that is easy to access so I can simply copy and paste the information (which makes it a LOT faster!):

  1. Friendly introduction
  2. My topic areas/the value I bring to the podcast’s audience
  3. My bio
  4. Where else I’ve been featured (note: if you haven’t been on any podcasts yet, you can link to your blog, YouTube channel, any guest blogs, etc…)
  5. My equipment/environment
  6. My audience stats
  7. My online calendar link
  8. My contact information
  9. Thanks + Sign off

1. Friendly Introduction

Keep this short and to the point. Here’s an example:

Hello [podcast owner’s name],

I’d love to be a guest on [insert show name [to add value to your audience. Of course, I’ll happily promote our interview to my audience as well.

2. My topic areas/the value I bring to the podcast’s audience

Specifically, here are a few of my topic areas that could benefit your audience:

Topic area 1:

Topic area 2:

Topic area 3:

Topic area 4:

3.  My Bio

Include your bio along with links to your website so the podcast owner can check you out. They want to see if your vibe connects with them/their audience.

4.  Other places I’ve been featured

Include hyperlinks to any other podcast, guest blog or other appearance where you’ve been featured.

5.  My audio equipment

Ugh. If you do NOTHING else, PLEASE invest in audio equipment! I had a few interviews I had to throw away because the guest had TERRIBLE audio quality.

Most podcasters do interviews via Skype, so make sure you have a good internet connection.

Along that note… make sure you:

:: Turn off all devices, phones, etc… that can make noise (so IRRITATING for listeners)

:: Have a quiet and private place to do the interview (no kidding… one guest actually FLUSHED A TOILET while taping an interview with me. I flushed that interview J)

:: Take off any noise-making jewelry (like bracelets) that can be incredibly distracting and annoying!

:: Shut down any internet using applications during your interview so Skype has the best chance to actually work.

I invested in a Blue Yeti mic because I was doing my own show for 18+ months. You don’t have to invest at that level, but I do suggest at the very least getting a headset from Amazon or your local electronics store that will give you great audio quality.

6. My Audience Stats

I always include my audience stats so the podcast owner knows that I’m serious about promoting this interview to my community. Specifically, here’s what I include:

·         A commitment to send a solo email to my email list + the number of active subscribers

·         Twitter followers

·         Facebook fans

·         Facebook group

·         LinkedIn connections

7.  My online calendar link

Most podcast owners will want to use their own online calendar, but I include mine for simplicity in case they’d like to simply schedule a time, which happens about 20% of the time.

8.  My Contact Information

So important! I had a number of people who pitched to me through my online form and didn’t include ANY way for me to contact them. At the very least, include the following:

·         Your email address

·         Your Skype ID

·         Your website

·         Your cell phone/preferred phone

9.  Thanks + Sign off

Keep it really simple – here’s what I typically say:

Thanks so much! I look forward to connecting soon.

Michelle Evans


I’ve used this exact template to be a guest on some of the TOP podcasts out there (and just last month I pitched myself to 30 more podcasts… so stay tuned for even more shows from me).