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Episode 63: Leaving the Door Open After You Get a No

What happens when someone gets to the end of your marketing funnel? If you’re like most people, you do one of 2 things: You send them one last ‘buy now’ type email to boost urgency OR You kinda go radio silent and add them to your normal email list So, if you do one...

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Episode 62: Podcast Guesting 101 with Matt Johnson

If you’ve been in my audience for any length of time, you’ve probably heard me talk quite a bit about being a guest on a podcast as a way to attract people into my marketing funnel. I love being a guest — I’ve been a guest on more than 60 podcasts. It’s fun; it’s a...

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Episode 61: How to Unlock What Your Customers Really Desire

WELCOME to 2019! Are you ready for an AMAZING year ahead? I know I am! OK, let’s dive into today because I’ve got a big question for you: How well do you really know your customers and what they desire? And how do you KNOW what they desire? This is one of the biggest...

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