Episode 131: What You Can Learn From Your Biggest Marketing Mistakes

I’ve shared many times before that I made a massive mistake back in 2015 when I joined a mastermind with a coach who was an online celebrity business influencer who trafficked in big promises but had little follow-through. Once I got into the mastermind, I discovered that her entire business was a facade and everything was built on smoke and mirrors. 

I’ve been thinking about that experience a lot lately because I’ve been seeing many online business influencers coming out of the woodwork and making big  promises with their well-oiled marketing machines trying to lure you into their programs.

Those big promises are exactly why I wanted to share three lessons I learned as a result of my mastermind experience — to keep you from making an expensive and business-slowing mistake yourself. 

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Biggest Show Takeaways

Mistake #1: Falling for the Stories

  • Did you know that people fake their testimonials and success stories? This may sound naive to you, but I didn’t realize the extent to which people did this until I joined the mastermind.  
  • As I was evaluating joining the mastermind, the sales coaches told me a few incredible stories about the transformations people got from joining in the past. They threw out well-known names and sent me screengrabs from those well-known people of fantastic testimonials. Little did I know the stories were exaggerations at best… total lies at worst. The big name testimonials were either swapped or paid for. 
  • I found out the following year that the same coach used ME and MY BUSINESS as an example of a success story at her annual event without my permission. I was furious and demanded they take it down… but the damage was already done at her live event. I’m sad to think someone else may have fallen for her story of showing me the way to success when the truth was I found success NOT doing things her way. 
  • What I learned from this → Whenever possible get clients and students on video and/or audio. Ask them open-ended questions and let them talk about their experience. Real, honest testimonials are so much better than made-up testimonial swaps OR exaggerating/lying. For my own business, I try to get my students and clients on my podcast and/or video so anyone thinking about working with me can get the full story from them in their own words. 

Mistake #2: Becoming a Clone

  • My second mistake was believing the story that I needed to become a clone of the leader. The coaches and leaders led me to believe that I wasn’t good enough. They refused to see my unique strengths and told me either I followed their advice and became an exact replica… or I’d fail. 
  • The problem is I’m nothing like the leader of that mastermind. She had some skills I wanted to learn, but I firmly believe that my strengths are part of my unique attraction to the people I’m meant to work with. I don’t want to be a fake version of myself because it didn’t feel right, it came across in my marketing as a weird vibe and honestly, I totally failed at being a poor copy of someone else. 
  • What I learned from this → I need to take in advice and training through a filter of WILL THIS WORK FOR ME? If the answer is no, leave the training alone EVEN IF someone else is telling me I won’t be successful without it. Because success doesn’t come in just one size. 

Mistake #3: Selling Beyond My Confidence

  • The third mistake I made in listening to this coach was believing the only way to success was to sell a high ticket offer. I thought I had to sell offers that were $10,000 to $25,000 in order to make it in the online business space.
  • There were a few problems with this. My belief system didn’t extend that far. I didn’t believe I could get someone $10,000 or $20,000 worth of value in two to three months, mostly because I hadn’t been charging that much for my services and outside of corporate clients I hadn’t worked with that level of client. 
    • Going from selling a $2,500 to $3,000 offer to a $10,000 or more offer was a giant step and I didn’t believe enough in the value I could provide to sell it. So I didn’t. 
    • I had a lot of conversations with potential clients, but I never ever sold at that level during my mastermind days because I needed to build up my skillset, my approach and my client base first
  • I needed to believe in my bones that I’d get double or triple that value for people from working with me  — and that took time, effort and focus. It took developing my own approach and building up my expertise even further. 
  • Now I sell packages of $10,000+ to clients BUT that’s after years of building up skills, tools, systems and approaches so that I  know working with me will pay off. That wasn’t just a jump I could make without the baby steps in between. 
  • What I learned from this → No matter what someone tells you about increasing your price or selling high ticket items, until I believed in the value of what I was selling, I couldn’t sell it. I’m willing to bet that goes for you too. This has nothing to do with money mindset and everything to do with having integrity as you grow your business. 

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