Episode 93: Five Things Big Name Online Marketers Don’t Want You to Know About Funnels

Over the past few years, a TON of new funnel software has hit the market, and it seems like everyone has gone crazy for the word FUNNEL. 

That’s why I’m breaking down the five things the big names do NOT want you to know about funnels — and what to do instead. 

If you’re wondering WHY these people don’t want you to know the reality of this, it’s really simple:

Because they want to make money off of you. Keeping you in the dark is more profitable.

Icky, but true. 

So let’s dive right in and look at five secrets these big names don’t want you to know — and what you should focus on instead. 

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Biggest Show Takeaways:

  • #1: The Secret to a High Performing Funnel Is NOT the Technology 
  • It’s about knowing the problem your audience wants to solve. 
    • It doesn’t matter what the tech is that you’re using because a high performing funnel isn’t all about the technology. In fact, I recommend starting out with something really, really simple. 
    • No amount of tech is going to save you if your audience isn’t interested in your offer. If their need isn’t addressed, the sale won’t happen. 
  • #2: The Secret to a High Performing Funnel Is NOT in Your Cool Factor
  • It’s your ability to solve your audience’s problem. 
  • They’re looking for valuable content AND a way for them to move forward with you. Becoming someone you aren’t isn’t going to transform your business. 
    • It isn’t about how you look on camera or how cute your Instagram account is. It’s about you being able to solve their problem. Having a proven, tested method to help them is what people really want to see.
    • Your audience wants the focus on THEM — not you.
  • #3: The Secret to a High Performing Funnel Is NOT in Copycat Templates
  • It’s about building trust and a relationship with your audience and proving you can solve their problems.
    • Building trust is done by showing up every single day so your audience can see you’re not some flighty flash-in-the-pan. 
    • You also don’t KNOW what is going on behind the scenes with the business selling you that template. You don’t know what kind of results that template delivers, so you’re buying a solution that may or may not actually work.
  • #4: The Secret to a High Performing Funnel Is NOT in Complicated Systems
  • You do need a system, but simple is always better than complicated — especially when you’re just getting started.
    • When you’re trying to build out a system, not making it complicated saves you time, money, and effort. 
    • By choosing a simple system, you have more flexibility to make it more complicated later down the road. You haven’t made a massive investment so it’s easier to let go and try something new if your first try isn’t successful. 
  • #5: The Secret to a High Performing Funnel Is NOT in Trickery
  • You need to have traffic into your funnel, but more importantly, you need to DELIVER on your promise. 
    • It’s certainly helpful to know how to boost your traffic or write great headlines, but that isn’t trickery. That’s understanding the key components of marketing.
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