Episode 89: 5 Practical Ideas To Kickstart Your Marketing

Ever since I went public with my Profit Without Worry message, I’ve had a boatload of people reaching out to say something like:

“That sounds good in theory, but when I’m worried about funnels, upsells, downsells, ads and more, I feel like all I DO is worry about my profit — and it feels awful.” 

If that sounds like you, listen up. 

Here’s the deal, my friend: There are two main ways we can choose to market and run our businesses. 

Way #1 is what my friend Dr. Michelle Mazur of Communication Rebel has dubbed Dude Bro marketing. 

This approach to marketing has NOTHING to do with gender, but instead, it has everything to do with mentality. Dude Bro marketing to me feels desperate and icky — like you’re running a race to the finish line to see who can get into their client’s wallet the fastest. 

At its core, Dude Bro marketing is about profit over people. It’s about money over connection. It’s about winning at all costs — even if that means stealing from your customers. 

Way #2 is the Profit Without Worry way (which is the opposite of Dude Bro marketing). 

At its core, Profit Without Worry is about connection, understanding, and relevant help. It’s about going that extra mile for your audience, so they feel supported, seen, and understood. And, yes, it’s about making a sale — but making a sale as part of the journey in creating a long and happy client relationship. 

In my business, around 70% of my monthly income is from either recurring clients (some of whom have been with me for years) or referrals from current or past happy clients and students. 

I still attract new people into my business who don’t come from a referral or recurring revenue, but the nice thing is that I don’t have to panic and make the sale as fast as possible. I have time to connect, time to understand, and time to let each potential client go on a journey with me to discover if I’m the right person to work with and learn from. 

This happens because:

1) I’m good at what I do.

2) I care a LOT about my clients and students. I’d rather miss a short-term sale and gain a long-term connection which will likely turn into a sale somewhere down the road. 

So let’s talk about five ways YOU can jumpstart your marketing in a Profit Without Worry way so that you don’t have to panic for each and every new sale. You’ll also have time to cultivate a relationship with your audience so that when they buy, they’re ready and they KNOW you are the perfect business to help them.

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Biggest Show Takeaways:

#1: Start with the problem

  • You may *think* you know the problem your audience has, but unless you’ve done the work, you can’t be sure.
  • What is the problem that your product, program, service, mastermind, event, or whatever you’re selling is going to address for your audience?
  • If it doesn’t address a specific problem, it becomes a “nice to have” and may not sell as well. If it gets to the heart of a problem they want to solve, it makes all the difference. 
  • If you’re not 100% sure — ASK! Send an email blast, make a post of social media, add a poll to your website, or get on the phone with people. Take the time to explore and understand what it is they truly want.

#2: Discover the desire

  • Every problem is rooted in a desire. For example, if the problem is that you want your kids to eat more fruits and vegetables instead of junk food, the desire is wanting them to make better choices and be healthy.
  • By understanding the desires your audience have, you can connect your solution to those desires.
  • Your audience wants to know you “get” them, so instead of offering any old thing, tap into those desires. 
  • By approaching your marketing this way, the energy is totally different and your audience can feel it. People will buy from people they believe, so showing them you understand their desire makes them feel seen and heard. 

#3: Create a content path

  • You need a path that takes them from not understanding how their desires can be met through to what you’re offering.
  • Determine what all the “yes” blockers are — what keeps them from saying yes to you?
  • What are the things you need to build beliefs around?
  • What’s the one big thing your audience needs to have an aha moment about?
  • Your audience needs to know their beliefs (I can’t do this, it won’t work for me, etc.) can be overcome by using your product or service. 
  • The content path requires you to be strategic, thoughtful, and caring by creating a journey where they can see themselves. It’s not about throwing content at them and hoping something works. 

#4: Engage them where they’re at

  • If your audience is mainly in one place, that’s where you need to be! Whether it’s a certain social platform, at community events, at conferences, or WHEREVER, you need to be there too.
  • If you aren’t where they are, you can’t connect with them.

#5: Show up consistently 

  • This is something I’ve personally struggled with. I used to make content creation about me: Are people liking it? Are people sharing it? Are people reading it? It was all about my ego — not my audience. 
  • I wasn’t in touch with their problems and desires, so I wasn’t thinking about how I could serve them, consistently, through the work I do.
  • Being consistent is not about social likes, not about downloads, not about shares. 
  • Showing up consistently can be different for everyone, but the key is being clear about your purpose. You want to make sure what you do is in service of your business and your audience. 

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