Episode 87: Reclaiming the F-word

When I say the word funnel — marketing funnel, sales funnel, or just plain old funnel — what comes to mind? 

Do you think about pushy, overly salesy, super hype-y marketing that you want no part of? 

If you do, it’s no wonder! 

The way the gurus teach about funnels has always felt yucky and off to me. The impression you get it that a funnel is either designed to maximize fear of missing out so you can slide into your audience’s wallets, or it’s some machine-like process that you crank everyone through with the ONLY goal being to trick them out of their money as quickly as humanly possible. 

Some tactics create confusion, overwhelm, and a feeling of total and complete inadequacy — intended to leave your audience feeling like they have no choice BUT to buy. 


I don’t know about YOU, but that is NOT how I want to build my business. 

What if creating a marketing funnel was about serving your audience instead of tricking them? 

What if you created a funnel in a way that thrilled your audience because it felt personal, relevant, and helpful instead of sleazy and overwhelming?

What if you had a funnel that worked so well that it also gave you peace of mind in your business? 

Where you could Profit Without Worry? 

It’s 100% possible. Together, you and I can take back the F-word. So, let’s talk about HOW.

 the marketing funnel show, marketing funnel, marketing funnels the marketing funnel show, marketing funnel, marketing funnels 

Biggest Show Takeaways:

#1: Create with the intention to serve

  • You can create a funnel with the intention of having the eyes on you, OR your intention can (and should!) be to have the focus on your audience.
  • Good marketing should be designed to serve and connect with your audience — even if they aren’t buying RIGHT NOW. Maybe today isn’t the right day for them to buy and that’s okay. It may well be the right time three, six, or 12 months from now.
  • The more you serve, the more you’re ready for new clients who come to you.
  • Marketing funnels should be valuable and help your potential clients feel ready for the next step.

#2: Be in this for the long game — build a community

  • The people who teach us to aggressively sell, sell, sell aren’t necessarily in it for the long game. They want your money, and what happens after that transaction is done is not likely a concern of theirs.
    • This intense marketing where you target new people every single time requires a ton of effort and money being spent to constantly find a new audience. 
  • By building a community and investing in people, you show them you have THEIR best interests in mind.
  • A marketing funnel is an effective tool to set the stage and show them what you’re about, how you can help, and the value you can bring to them. 

#3: Be clear on the golden thread that connects your marketing funnel to your audience’s pains and desires

  • One reason so many people don’t love marketing funnels is that some marketers are ONLY interested in selling you something.
  • By tapping into your audience’s pain and desires creates a connection. You’re meeting people where they are and helping them figure out how to solve their pain points. 
  • You need to know the questions your audience is asking and be proactive in providing answers and clarity. You can show them what’s possible. 
  • Look at your marketing funnel through the eyes of your audience. What golden thread connects their pain and desires to your solutions?

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