Episode 86: How To Avoid Random Acts of Marketing

Have you ever been on the receiving end of a random act of kindness?

You know, like the person ahead of you in line paying for your coffee? A few years back, my husband and I were on the receiving end at a Starbucks drive-up window.

It was the BEST feeling… but we decided to pass on it and, instead, paid it forward to the next person.

At that moment, both being the receiver and the giver of a random act of kindness felt good. It felt like we were part of something a lot bigger than just getting my husband, Jason, a coffee.

Have you ever done something like that? I have, and it feels good. It feels good to be doing something positive, bringing a smile to someone’s face, and making an impact.

But let’s dig a little deeper into this, shall we?

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Biggest Show Takeaways:

  • It feels good to be doing, but while all those little random acts feel good, they’re not doing a lot of good. (Hang with me here, I do have a point!)
  • What has more impact: me donating $5 toward a stranger’s cup of coffee or me and 20 of my friends banding together with the intention to each donate $5 to one of my favorite local charities that gets homeless families off the streets and into hotel rooms on their way into permanent housing?
    • The charity is called Beautiful Soles. I love this charity, and I do whatever I can to get the word out with intention because I believe the work they do has a long-lasting impact on children and families for generations to come.
    • Another favorite charity of mine is called African Sisters Education Collaborative — or ASEC for short. ASEC is a U.S.-based charity that has created incredible programs to educate Catholic sisters in Africa in things like nursing, midwifery, farming, sustainable agriculture, food service, law, legal advocacy, teaching, technology and more.
    • The best part is knowing that my $20 or $50 contribution to this organization is not just a one-time feel-good for me. The impact of the education I’m helping to fund has a generational impact that goes on for years and years to come.
    • When you become part of the donor community, you know that you’re making an impact beyond your individual contribution.
  • When you do a random act of kindness, it’s not bad in any way; it’s just a short-term hit of feel-good endorphins for you and the recipient.  
  • When you donate with intention to an organized effort, your money is pooled together with others to have a greater effect than any one person could have on their own, and you become a part of a movement that is bigger and much more far-reaching than you could ever hope to have with your individual donation.
    • Your marketing should be the same way!
  • I still sometimes do random acts of marketing. Little marketing feel-good things that I do just because. They’re not part of a bigger idea, program, or movement. It’s just something I do in the moment.
      • That’s not bad as long as I ALSO have a bigger plan or strategy I’m plugging into.
  • There was a time in my business when I’d spend almost all of my time DOING marketing. I was busy with ALL THE THINGS — blogging, guest blogging, videos, podcasting, guest podcasting, going to events, sponsoring events, speaking, holding breakout workshop sessions, Facebook ads, email marketing, and all the social media.
      • Even with all that, I thought I had to do more, and it was exhausting.
  • I was exhausted because I had ZERO systems in place, so I was always trying to hit it big with an activity.
    • I was marketing my business in a way that was kind of like going to Vegas and betting it all on black — and hoping to win big. Not the best strategy for long-term growth.
    • I’d rather build a business that doesn’t require me to risk everything on a gamble.  
  • It takes a big mindset shift to stop the random acts of marketing. It takes getting away from those quick feel-good hits of doing marketing and into the mindset of building a movement — building your audience, message, offer, and a journey for your audience to go through.
  • Are you ready to build a movement and create much more impact with every single act of marketing because they’re working together? Over the next week, your challenge is to take a look at all the marketing that happens in your business and answer this simple question:
    • Is this marketing building a movement, or is it a short-term feel-good activity?
    • Add them up and see how you do. It’s empowering to track and see for yourself what’s happening so that you can put more of your efforts into building a Profit Without Worry movement versus the random acts of marketing that can feel important but fizzle out fast.
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