Episode 85: Finding Clients to Grow Your Profit

One of the most common questions I hear from people is: “How do I find clients to grow my profit?”

It’s certainly an important question and a critical factor in ensuring your business is successful.

Now before we tackle this, let’s be clear: We are NOT putting on our client hunting armor and hitting the Internet streets to catch clients.

That’s yucky, self-serving, and very short-sighted.

Here’s what we ARE doing.

We’re going to follow the Profit Without Worry framework to serve first and set the stage to sell to the right people.

And, yes, there are oodles and oodles of right people out there who truly want to buy what you're selling.

But first, we need to lay the groundwork for them.

In order to attract buyers into your business so that you can grow your profit, it’s REALLY important to uncover two critical things.

Let’s take a look.

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Biggest Show Takeaways:

#1: You need to attract the right people

    • If you’re in front of the wrong people, they’re not going to buy. Period.
    • Let’s say your business is about gardening and growing the food your family eats. Does it make sense to try and talk to college age apartment dwellers who are thinking about exams, love interests, and parties? No, probably not. Does it make sense to advertise to parents who want to grow food for their families? Yeah, it does.
    • You’ve got to be talking to the right people because no matter how good your information is, 99% of college-age students don’t care about growing food for their families. They’ve got other things occupying their minds.
    • Who are your people? What problem are they trying to solve? What goals do they have for their life?
    • Find where they’re hanging out, and you’ve gone a LONG way toward connecting with them.

#2: You need to find out what questions they’re ALREADY asking

  • One big thing that I see EVERY time someone comes to me with marketing that doesn’t work is that they’re using words and phrases that don’t connect with their audience.
  • I have to remind myself ALL the time not to do this. Recently, I had a new client reach out to do Facebook ads with me. This client has spent months and months and months — along with a lot of money — trying to come up with hooky, valuable content. And it just wasn’t working.
  • The VERY first thing we did was go back to their audience. We dove into feedback and Facebook groups to see what questions people were asking, what pain points they struggled with, and what goals they had.
    • Guess what? The questions, pains, and goals this audience had were NOTHING like what this client’s previous people had pushed them to advertise.
    • Previously, they were all about being clever and hooky, but this audience didn’t want clever and hooky because they didn’t see my client’s solution as related to them AT ALL.
    • When we started using actual words and phrases and the pains and goals that my client’s audience already knows they have, everything changed. Suddenly, people were paying attention, and the audience was interested.
  • Creating a word bank is vitally important. It’s critical to your success that you’re a good LISTENER and not a clever writer.
    • Nobody wants to be sold to. Everybody wants to be listened to.
    • Nobody wants to be told what they should want. Everybody wants their pains to be solved.
    • Nobody wants to be vulnerable to their pain. Everybody wants to hear an inspiring story that shows they’re not the only ones struggling with an issue.
    • Nobody wants to be judged. Everybody wants to be embraced and understood.

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