Episode 144: Marketing Myth Busting: You Can Make It Big On Instagram, TikTok or YouTube

It seems like the rise of influencers and video marketing has turned many people into ‘stars’ but as a business is that even realistic? 

Because sure, videos can be a great marketing tool but it takes more than a cute or funny video to move viewers from watching to buying… and ARE your potential customers even going to watch?

These are really important questions to ask yourself! 

But first, let me tell you a story about my own family creating a YouTube channel. 

Creating Video Content is Harder Than it Looks  

Ever since the COVID lockdown started here in March 2020, my kids have been watching a LOT more TV than ever before. And by TV I mean YouTube, with some occasional Netflix or Disney+. 

They’ve got some favorites like Dan TDM who does a lot of video game videos. (Side note: I can’t believe my kids watch someone else play video games, but yeah, I’m old.) 

Another favorite is Mariah Elizabeth, who does lots of art stuff. My middle daughter is super artsy and she absolutely loves watching Mariah Elizabeth with all her squishy makeovers and various other art antics. 

After watching these and many other YouTubers for weeks on end, my kids hatched a plan to become the next big YouTube stars. 

My kids right now are 18, 12 and 9. 

They’ve been bugging my husband and I for MONTHS to create a YouTube channel. Finally I gave in and said sure, go ahead.  And I gave them a list of things they needed to do: 

  • Come up with the name. 
  • Come up with your content focus. 
  • Record 10 episodes so we have some videos to start. 
  • Take an online course in video editing so that we don’t have to edit your videos. 

Let me tell you something. They barely made it through creating an intro without fighting. And once they realized how long a 30-second intro took to make, they also realized WOW this is a lot more work than we thought. 

Because YouTubers made it look so easy. 

I’m still waiting for them to create a full video — and I doubt they’ll do it without some serious training because it’s hard work. 

And you know what? The same may be true for you. Or you may absolutely LOVE being an Insta star, or a YouTube how-to star or a TikTok star.

Only YOU know the answer to that.

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Be True To Yourself and Your Brand

Here’s the deal. I’ve had clients who are amazing influencers on Instagram and YouTube. People who have highly engaged audiences and amazing content. They’ve created a business model that matches a great offer with who they are, AND their audience hangs out on that platform.  

But let me tell you — it takes a lot more than great pictures, videos and wit to make it big. These influencers and video stars WORK at creating a community and content that matches their business model. 

Yes, they make it look easy, but I can tell you that behind-the-scenes it’s a lot of work.  If that work is aligned to who you are, the whole process can be really enjoyable.

For example, one of my clients is a health and fitness influencer. She has a huge and highly engaged audience on Instagram. She’s amazing. She’s got corporate sponsors that pay her for Insta ads where she creates specific content bringing their product or service onto her platform.

But more importantly, her voice, her photography, her stories and her videos are so authentic to who she is and how she serves her clients. 

She isn’t making anything up. She’s living fully as herself, sharing the good, bad and ugly things that happen in her life. This is who she is and her audience absolutely loves her raw, real insights. 

I mean, she’ll take a photo of herself just out of the shower with no makeup on, her hair wrapped in a towel and a towel around her body, and she’s totally comfortable posting that on Instagram. 

When I see behind the curtain of everything she does to create this Insta experience for her audience, I know 100% that it won’t work for me and my business. 

First of all, that’s not in alignment with who I am. I don’t share all the details of my life and I’m a lot more private by nature. You’re not going to see any just-out-of-the-shower photos of me! Also, my audience isn’t hanging out on Instagram, waiting to see what I’m wearing for an evening out or what I’m eating for breakfast. 

So for me, it doesn’t work. For my client, though, it’s a perfect fit. 

Ask Yourself the Hard Questions

So what about you? Are your clients on Instagram, TikTok or YouTube waiting to follow your adventures? Does your business model fit with opening up your life and curating content that tells the full story — good, bad and ugly?

And most importantly, are you comfortable making a commitment to creating a community with this type of access to your personal life? 

Some of you may say yes. Some of you may say absolutely 100% NO! 

ANY TIME you hear people telling you to go big into Instagram or YouTube or Facebook Live or TikTok or whatever, you need to ask yourself:

  • Does this fit me? 
  • Does this fit my business model?
  • Am I ready to commit to this level of content creation? 
  • Is my audience engaged on that platform looking for me and my content? 

Bottom Line: Being an influencer takes more than just posting content. It takes being in alignment with yourself, your story, and how you want to serve. 

It’s not as easy as a seven-step formula to create amazing videos or better Instagram photos. It’s a deeper conversation with yourself about how this marketing approach aligns with you and your audience. 

So before jumping into anything maybe take the approach I took with my kiddos. Challenge yourself to create the first ten or so content pieces. 

Does it feel good? Can you commit to doing this daily, weekly and monthly for the foreseeable future? Is this how your audience wants to engage with you? 

And does it fit in with your business model? 

The answers to those questions should guide you towards or away from whether or not being a video content creator is the right path for you and your business. 

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