Episode 143: Marketing Myth Busting: Facebook Ads Are All You Need

Listen friends, you KNOW I love Facebook and Instagram ads. In fact, doing ads for clients has made up more than 50% of my business since 2015, so when I talk about reducing Facebook and Instagram ads, you know it’s serious. 

Let me back this up for a minute. 

Ever since the coronavirus messed up our 2020 plans, I’ve been hyper vigilant about how my clients showed up in ads. Because honestly, there are a LOT of people in the online space doing it wrong. Very, very wrong. 

In fact, some of the biggest names out there are continuing with ads-as-usual as if nothing has changed — and if you look at their ad content you’ll see the reputational risk at stake. 

So, what do I mean by doing it wrong? 

Well, there are people who want to prey on people’s fear of not making enough money. People like Frank Kern who’s dangling the “build your business on pennies a day and make an easy $400,000+” type of ads. 

Here’s one of the recent ads from Frank Kern (see ad here): 

I’ve spent more than 20 years advertising online. In that time, a LOT has changed (like where and how I advertise), but one thing has remained constant: ads matter.

But you don't have to have a huge budget to drive real results.

I started a campaign in a shaky and uncertain climate and spent $1.88 on the first day. That campaign generated over $400K in revenue the following month … and it's still running.

Small budgets CAN build big business.

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First of all, Facebook wasn’t around when Frank Kern started. 

Second, it was the wild, wild west in the online marketing world 20 years ago with pretty much no rules and very low cost ads on Google AND Frank Kern has been fined by the Federal Trade Commission for bad ad practices. So really, he’s selling a story here to get people all hyped up about learning a ‘secret’ that he DID NOT use to build his business…all to sell his higher priced course. 

Finally, Frank Kern doesn’t run his own ads — you can see that on his ad insights page. So that means he’s selling you a program and ‘secrets’ that he doesn’t even do himself. Every time I see this I get really frustrated.

It’s a scam playing on people’s desire to make money. 

Don’t fall for it yourself and PLEASE resist using this for your own audience. I’ve seen businesses come and go because people make these big, grandiose promises and nothing ever pans out for their audience.

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Protect Your Reputation

The last thing you want for your own business is word getting around that you’re teaching or selling something a) you don’t personally do or b) doesn’t work. Your reputation can’t really survive and thrive if that’s how you operate.

It’s important to be careful who you learn from and who you take advice from. If they haven’t done it themselves lately, their old-school tactics may not work any longer. 

So, how do you do Facebook ads correctly right now? 

First, I believe you need to have compassion and empathy for your audience right now. If you’re running the same old ads you ran or would have run 6 or 12 months ago, you’re likely doing it wrong. 

Forget blustery ads that are based on either toxic positivity or not wanting to address the coronavirus and recession elephant in the room. Those ads can really come off as out of touch and turn people off — sometimes for good. 

Even when you do it right, be aware of the political risks around you of running ads. In the month of July, many businesses boycotted Facebook and Instagram ads because of Facebook’s refusal to address disinformation being spread on their platform. I know personally, I advised my clients NOT to run ads in July, and for many of them we’re evaluating the political climate month by month.

That means I’m putting my clients and their reputational risk ahead of doing the work I love (and getting paid for it) because it is that important to the long-term health of their business. 

I’m sure you’ve been seeing ads from other online marketing experts pushing Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and other platforms. Before you jump in I want you to really evaluate a couple things: 

  1. Is this person teaching me REALLY doing this work to build their business? Or are they hiring other experts and just teaching a fluffy overview that’s not going to get me the results I want? 
  2. Does the current political environment put my company’s reputation at risk if I advertise on this platform now? 
  3. Is this really how I want to be spending my time? 

Facebook ads are great for some businesses. They may be great for your business. But before you learn anything new or commit to running ads for your business, I want you to really evaluate who you’re learning from AND how it will work for your business. 

Your reputation is really all you’ve got. Don’t risk it because some big-name spins a story about his secret to success without doing your homework and deciding if the risk is worth it for you. 

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