Episode 142: Why Your Marketing Is A Hot Mess

As a business owner, are you running around doing a lot of stuff to market your business? Are you following a ton of experts who are giving you all kinds of the ‘latest and greatest of what’s working NOW’ type advice? Are you trying to implement it all but finding that it’s like throwing spaghetti at the wall? 

Well, nothing against spaghetti, but that scattered approach will leave you feeling overwhelmed, confused and frustrated because you’re working hard but going nowhere. 

I know because I’ve been in that very situation. 

Listen, it’s easy to follow well-known online marketers out there who peddle the latest and greatest trends all the time. 

You know why they peddle those trends? Usually it’s all about the money. 

They’re always selling something. Either a program of their own or an affiliate deal. And no, it’s not BAD to sell things, but you need to be aware of this when you’re taking advice and jumping on the latest and greatest bandwagon.


Because it’s all too easy to lose sight of your own business model, your own personal strengths and your own audience insights when someone is telling you how “In just 15 minutes a day you can become an Insta-star and have people buying within the next week right in your DMs.”. 

Let me tell you three important things here: 

  1. It doesn’t matter how much time, money and effort you put into ANY social platform if your audience isn’t engaged there.
  2. Anything that takes just 15 minutes a day doesn’t take into account how much time, money and effort you need to put into it to become a master so that it only takes 15 minutes a day… and even then, I’d still be really skeptical.
  3. If this method doesn’t match your skillset, I guarantee not only will it take longer than 15 minutes a day BUT you’ll drag your feet and hate every single minute doing it… if you even do it at all.

THESE types of lies are why we get sucked into marketing that doesn’t work, takes way too much time and costs way too much money. All because of the magic formula or trick that’s hot right now.

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Don’t Fall For It

The next time you hear of a magic formula, a HOT MARKETING PROGRAM that’s working right now or something where you feel swept up in the easy money possibilities, I want you to evaluate the opportunity through the following three-step test: 

#1. Do you know EXACTLY who your audience is or are you talking to the masses?

If you don’t know EXACTLY who you’re talking to as a potential buyer, you don’t need any fancy marketing tactics. What you need is to focus on making mini offers to find your buyer and discover exactly what they want to buy from you. If you don’t know your audience, there’s no way you’ll be successful with a marketing tactic. 

#2. Do you have a clear message that differentiates you from your competitors? 

What makes you different? What makes you unique? Why would your audience choose YOU above others out there? If you don’t have a clear message that connects directly with your ideal buyers, you don’t need a new marketing program. What you need is to create a clear, differentiating message by either hiring someone or working on it yourself. My friend Dr. Michelle Mazur has a great book available on Amazon called The 3 Word Rebellion and it’s a great place to start with your messaging work. She outlines all her exercises to come up with a message. I worked with her one-on-one, but you can do this work on your own too with the book. 

#3. Does your offer solve a pressing problem that people want to pay money to solve? 

If you don’t have an offer that sells — and that you’ve sold to at least a few people — you don’t need a new marketing tactic. You need to work on creating an offer that solves a clear and pressing problem for your ideal buyer. Again, if you don’t know how or what that is, I suggest reading my blog post on mini offers, which are a fast and easy way to get started. 

Even the best, hottest marketing can’t overcome a bad offer for the wrong audience. You may not need another marketing tool. You may need to instead focus on creating something of value that attracts your audience and is exactly what they want to buy. 

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