Episode 137: Online Marketing Gurus: Friends or Foes?

If you’ve had a chance to read my new free resource, my tell-all article called The Real Reason Proven Marketing Formulas Have Stopped Working, you know that I made a decision to name names. I showed proof of how the Syndicate shaped the online marketing industry, and I outlined exactly why those pesky proven formulas are no longer working. 

And I’m here to tell you, it’s not you. It’s the system. 

So let’s talk about the big name business celebrities who pioneered the online marketing space. These are names you’ve probably heard — Frank Kern, Perry Belcher, Russell Brunson, Andy Jenkins, Eben Pagan, Dave Wood, Tony Robbins, Bill Fitzpatrick, Yanick Silver, Jeff Walker and many, many more. 

(In fact, in my article I link to some videos showing many of these guys talking about being in a group they used to call Syndicate… now they call them high-level masterminds.) 

I think it’s really important to talk about why these syndicates or masterminds are dangerous and disingenuous. And how they perpetuate people buying bad programs that don’t work to cheat their way into our wallets.

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How The Syndicate Works

First, they gather a group of competitors together and decide to work together. Against us, the normal people. 

They put together a group of 10  to 12 people who do the same things. Then they all plot out their promotions for the year. So person one gets January, person two gets February, person three gets March … and so it goes throughout the year.  

Then — and this is where it’s really frustrating and unethical — everyone promotes whoever is in their money-making window. They hold webinars for each other. They send emails about how amazing each other’s products are. They give fake testimonials so buyers think this is the product they truly need. They even run ads for each other. 

The final nail in this coffin is that they all pay one another affiliate fees. So, for example, if Frank Kern promotes Tony Robbins, Frank will run ads about Tony. Then Frank will send emails about Tony. Then Frank will likely have a webinar, Facebook and Instagram Live with Tony. He’ll probably do some behind-the-scenes with Tony. Then he’ll produce a slick video for YouTube and ads for Tony. 

Frank will run around and tell everyone who trusts him how AMAZING Tony’s product, program or service is — all with the goal of getting you and I to buy it. Then, when we shell out $2,000 or $5,000 or more for a big-ticket item, Tony keeps half of the money and Frank gets the other half. 

But in the meantime, we may not know that Frank is basically a paid endorser for this offer. We think Tony’s program GENUINELY helped Frank grow when in actuality Frank may never have even seen the program. 

That’s SO unethical and in many cases has crossed the line into illegal. In my article I cite 15 or so cases where these guys have gotten fined and/or had to shut down. 

Here’s the thing. None of this is bad IF YOU ACTUALLY BOUGHT, USED AND RECEIVED VALUE FROM A PRODUCT. In fact, it’s called a testimonial. 

BUT this practice is bad. In fact, it’s illegal to bring a group together and purposely lie about each other’s products, programs and services simply to make money. 

That’s what Frank Kern means when he talks about a Syndicate. And that’s what they mean now when they talk about their high-level masterminds. 

These groups have been around since the start of the internet revolution, basically working to scam you and I out of money by preying on our hopes and dreams. 

The Evidence is Damning

The worst video evidence is Frank Kern talking about how to form your own syndicate, and once you see it, you can’t unsee it.

And here’s why it’s so important that you understand this is happening. 

First, these people don’t care if their product, program or service works. What they care about is getting your money into their pockets. It’s all a numbers game to them. They’re not helping humans, they’re helping themselves. 

They’re ego-driven and focused strictly on having the biggest launch, having the most affiliates, having the biggest list and having the most toys, like expensive cars, planes and more, to show off. 

You’ll know these bad-faith actors because they’re constantly peddling things. They’ve always got the latest and greatest program, product or service they’re pushing month after month. 

This is greed-driven marketing. It reminds me of pyramid schemes that took down companies in the 80s and 90s where only the people at the top made money. 

But it doesn’t stop there. The big guys — the guys at the top — are the A team. They’re the ones who got in early and built a big email list using shady methods we can no longer use today, because now they’re illegal

And because of their reach, influence and seven-figure launch stories we believe they’ve got the magic answer that you and I haven’t figured out yet. 

It’s true that they do have the magic answer. You and I will never figure it out because we don’t have access to the same opportunities available to us as they did in the early days and with their syndicate masterminds. 

Welcome to the B Team

It gets worse, though, because they very actively recruit what Frank Kern calls the B team. You and I, we would be on the B team. 

Basically the ‘A’ team players don’t expect the B team to make sales. What they expect is that you and I talk up their program. Just imagine, these guys have their syndicate mastermind with ten people. Those ten people probably control two million+ email addresses to promote each other. 

But then they recruit us — the B team players — to talk up the program. We don’t have even 1/100th of the email addresses for promotion BUT we have a more intimate connection to our audiences. So when we promote, we probably won’t make sales but we inadvertently play into their game by lending our names and hard-earned reputations to their devious efforts. 

And it works. When everyone is promoting a program, even the best of us can get serious FOMO (fear of missing out) and jump on the bandwagon to buy something we really don’t need. We buy simply because we feel like everyone is in the ‘IN’ club and we don’t want to miss out. 

So, the next time a big name has a launch and everyone is buzzing about the ‘amazing program’ I want you to really ask yourself: 

Is this truly what I need to move my business forward? Will I actually do this program? Or is what I need something else? 

Because if what you need is different than what the program offers, don’t buy it no matter how many bonuses and promises are made. FOMO doesn’t pay the bills.

I know, because I’ve fallen for this so many times it’s a little ridiculous. Apparently I’m a slow learner! 

But I will tell you this. Some of the BEST products, programs and services I’ve purchased have come from people who aren’t well known but who are absolute experts at what they do. They might not have the slickest sales page or a seven-figure launch under their belt, but they do have knowledge, credibility and a small but mighty group of people who speak very highly of them because of the incredible insight they provide. 

 So there you have it. Now you’ll know what to look out for when the launch promotions from the big names start happening — and I encourage you to be on the lookout for smaller, less well-known people who kick butt because they are truly experts…not just interested in making sales.

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