Episode 136: Building A Foundation Of Trust With Your Marketing

Have you ever gone to a website, or seen an ad, video or social media post or even met someone in person and you felt that something is off? And then you immediately feel on guard — even if you couldn’t put your finger on what’s wrong? 

Or on the flip side, have you ever met someone, seen an ad or video or visited a website and felt totally and completely at ease? Like you could absolutely trust that person or company? 

Think for a minute. Can you remember who put you at ease and who put you on edge? Are there things people do that make you think – yeah, I can totally trust that person or business. 

Or things that people do that make you go UGH, every time you see them? 

Today I’m talking about five ways to quickly build trust with people in your business because it’s absolutely critical to be a trust-builder in today’s environment.

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Biggest Show Takeaways

#1. Share Your Knowledge 

  • One way to build trust is to consistently share your knowledge over time. 
  • Anyone can do a one-time promotional push. It takes someone committed to building trust to show up again and again and again with insights, information and knowledge. That alone will showcase to people your expertise better than any certificate, degree or other designation. 
  • Show up and share your knowledge — it really IS that simple.

#2. Share Your Mistakes

  • No one wants to work with a perfectionist who never makes any mistakes. That’s not relatable! We’re all human and we all make mistakes. 
  • I get the most feedback from people when I share my mistakes – or learning moments as I like to call them. People want to know you’re human, not some robot or impossible standard to live up to. 

#3. Do What You Say You’ll Do

  • This is so big. SOOOOO big. It’s easy to say and can be much harder to remember and follow through. 
  • If you say you’ll call someone at 3PM, call at 3PM. If you say you’ll get back that evening with an answer, get back that evening. 
  • People who promise me an action and don’t follow through rapidly lose my trust — and my business — for good. 
  • Obviously things happen sometimes out of our control, and when that does happen, make sure you follow up as soon as you’re able with an explanation and to re-set expectations. Then deliver. 

#4. Treat Clients Like VIPs

  • Clients are the lifeblood of my business, and I’m guessing they’re the lifeblood of yours as well. Without clients, all I have is a very expensive hobby. So I treat my clients as VIPs. They’re important to me. Their business is important to me. And because of the way I treat our relationships, just about every client I’ve ever worked with has referred business to me. 
  • That’s not why I treat them as VIPs, but it’s certainly a benefit. It’s also why I’m super picky about who I’ll work with. I don’t take on clients if I’m not sure I can really help. I want to work with people I respect and who I know I can help because then it’s even easier to treat them as VIPs.

#5. Highlight Your Client Successes

  • There’s no better testimonial than to get your client on your platform and to have them talk about their successes. It helps your client to gain more visibility and talk about their business. And it helps you to highlight how your clients get value from your offer. 
  • This builds tremendous trust across your audience because they know this is a real person giving insight into the value they got from you. It’s hard to quantify, but I know I’ve had at least 50% of my clients in the past 12 months contact me because of a podcast episode they heard with one of my clients or students. 

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