Episode 129: If It Doesn’t Feel Right, Don’t Do It: Why Ethical Marketing Matters

2020 has been a really weird and bizarre year so far and depending on where you live you’re either still in quarantine lockdown OR things are starting to open up but many people are still nervous. 

I had a friend post a meme about going around the grocery store like it’s a haunted house, and I could totally relate. 

Because right now people are spooked. They’re spooked about the business environment, unsure about our economic recovery, worried about their health and safety and honestly, just trying to get toilet paper and flour for baking has become a chore. 

When everything is up in the air like this, people’s emotions are running high. Fear is high. Uncertainty is high. And everything feels very high stakes. 

Those emotions are what some pretty unethical online business owners are counting on. They want you to be fearful, uncertain and stressed because that makes you a perfect target for their marketing scams. 

And if you’ve been listening to this podcast for any length of time, you know that I’ve fallen for those marketing scams in the past too. 

Let me give you an example of what I mean so we can dive into this a little deeper.

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Biggest Show Takeaways:

  • Lately on Twitter, there are a few people tweeting a version of this: “If you don’t come out of this quarantine with a new side hustle, time was never your problem. You are the problem.”. And then it leads to some paid product that shows you how to quickly get a new business or offer out there. 
  • Aside from the incredible privilege that Tweet and opinion represents, it also plays into people’s fears about not being ‘good enough’ and then preys on that fear to get them to buy. Every time I see something like this, I get angry. 
  • I don’t get angry because of the person trying to make money. I get angry because of HOW they’re going about it. I can see right through this scam because I’ve seen hundreds of flavors of this offer over the past eight years in business. 
  • I’ll never forget the last mastermind retreat I went to in 2015. It was an extra ‘sales training’ that our leader sold to those of us who weren’t selling enough in our business. 
  • I showed up to this training ready to learn about selling, but instead, I got to see the ugly underbelly of my coach’s successful business — and it was all about making promises she had no intention of keeping. 
  • I remember sitting in my chair in a room with about 27 other people thinking “OMG there is NO WAY I’m doing this!” and yet, I looked around and other people were smiling and nodding and taking notes like they were learning the secret to life. 
  • Soon after that we were split up into groups to make sales calls. In my group were three other business owners I knew and thought highly of, but as we started making sales calls though, I started hearing things that I couldn’t believe. 
    • I heard one business owner claiming an income level I knew she was nowhere near and telling the person on the phone that she only worked with a handful of clients to share these secrets, which is why her offer was $25,000. 
    • The coach cheered her on. The others in my group cheered her on. And I sat there in shock. Because I knew the truth  — our coach told her she needed a high-end offer of at least $25,000 so she came up with this offer overnight and she was selling it like it was her secret sauce. 
    • The poor person on the end of that call paid her $25,000 for a brand new, never been proven offer. In the process, it saved the person’s business because she had no other sales coming in. 
    • I was shocked and dumbfounded. In my book, this was totally unethical to sell something so high priced that had never been tested and to lie about the outcome and results. 
  • Guess what? I’m seeing the SAME THING now happening all across the online marketing industry. I’m seeing people roll out their “pivot” offers left, right and center. Talking about how this pivot plan got them hundreds or thousands or even tens of thousands in sales in no time at all. 
  • I wanted to come on and share that sales story because I guarantee you many of these pivot offers are the same thing. They’re people selling a good story and preying on your hopes and fears — but they’re only selling to save themselves NOT to help you
  • If you’ve been tempted to come up with a killer offer and fudge the results, I want you to keep something in mind. 
    • You might fool a few people into buying your offer. But eventually your lies will catch up with you and you’ll get a reputation for selling crap that doesn’t work. Then your business will be dead in the water. Once your reputation is ruined, it’s very difficult to come back from that. 
    • That person who sold the $25k fake offer is no longer in business. And that coach who was coaching all of us to sell that way? She’s been sued so many times she had to change her business name at least twice since 2016. 
  • Bottom line: Beware offers that prey on your fears. And please, don’t use that tactic on your audience because it’s not worth the long-term risk to your business. 
  • Profit Without Worry ONLY happens when you deliver what you say you’ll deliver. You need happy clients and a good business reputation to have profit without worry. Otherwise, you’ll always be chasing the latest fad and angle trying to stay one step ahead of your business reputation. 

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