Episode 122: My Biggest Social Media Marketing Mistakes

It’s times like these when everything seems to be going sideways that all of a sudden someone will come out with a hugely compelling “save-your-business” rags to riches story trying to sell you on their strategy or tactic to magically attract new clients.

If you haven’t seen it already, it’s coming. I know I’ve already seen a few people trying to exploit the coronavirus to sell their online offering. 

It’s gross. And I want to call it out today so you don’t fall for it because frankly we need to stop rewarding this yucky behavior. 

What they’re doing is playing on our fears. Our fear of the unknown, our fears of not being good enough, established enough, smart enough, our money fears, societal fears and more. 

They’re tapping into those fears to get us to make irrational purchase decisions in the hope that we don’t miss out on some magical money-making window. 

I want to call this out because my biggest marketing mistakes have ALWAYS happened when I’ve fallen for EXACTLY this type of shiny object/FOMO marketing/OMG you’re going to be out of business unless you jump on this bandwagon type of marketing.

Now, let me share a big story plus a few lessons from that story in the hopes of stopping any fear-based buying frenzy… because if you haven’t seen the marketing already out there, you will.  

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Biggest Show Takeaways:

  • Lesson 1: Knowing Myself
    • The first lesson I learned is that I really need to know myself. I need to know who I am and how I show up best with my audience. 
    • I know FOR SURE that I do not show up best as a supposed loud-mouthed video personality. I am not, in fact, Marie Forleo. I am me — and I need to choose marketing that lets my own unique talents and abilities shine through vs. trying to force myself to be someone else. 
    • It’s a lot easier to say NO to the fear-based “you’re going to miss this amazing opportunity” message now because I know myself and how I best serve others. And I’m sure you’ll find that for yourself as well. Don’t let someone else, especially someone who doesn’t know anything about you and is simply trying to sell you something, tell you to be someone you’re not. Instead, figure out the best way to connect with your audience by being more of YOU. 
  • Lesson 2: Knowing My Audience
    • The second lesson that really hammered home for me is to know my audience. Who do I want to serve? Where are they hanging out? Do they even want to hang out on Periscope waiting for me to go live? 
    • What I discovered from my experiment using those platforms is that my audience wasn’t interested in connecting or engaging with me on those platforms in any meaningful way.  The people who I do attract and enjoy working with aren’t the types of people hanging out waiting for someone to go live. They’re out there making things happen. 
    • I spent all that time and emotional effort to build up videos on Periscope and connect with people to do Blabs when in fact my audience couldn’t care less about that. Talk about a complete waste of time.  
  • Lesson 3: Knowing  My Business Mode
    • The last big lesson I learned is that I can’t  lets someone else’s shiny outside success influence my business model. I need to know my business model (including  how I serve people and how I make money) drive my decisions. 
    • I’ve fallen for the shiny business model trap in the past. It’s so exciting to hear someone else’s rags to riches story about how they built an amazing business and think that’s what you need.
    • For example, there are some great business people out there who have membership sites and suddenly everyone is talking about how creating a membership site is your path to monthly recurring revenue and financial freedom. It’s easy to get sucked into the success stories without understanding everything that happens behind the scenes. 
    • When I jumped into the Periscope and Blab game, I thought I had to sell high ticket packages to be taken seriously so I totally changed my business model…and guess what? I didn’t sell a single one even though I was following the exact model of a supposed ‘seven-figure’ coach. But it wasn’t the right model for ME and that was a big lesson I had to learn. 
  • Three Takeaways:
    • I’d love to invite you to check in with yourself on the  three big lessons I shared in this episode. What’s your uniqueness? If you don’t know off hand, my favorite resource for that is the How To Fascinate quiz. 
    • I want to invite you to really connect with where your audience is hanging out. Are they online? Are they offline? Are they on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Reddit? Or somewhere else? Where do they go for information? Who are their trusted sources? Find your audience and you’ll go a long way toward eliminating FOMO because you’ll know what works for your people and what doesn’t. 
    • Before you ever make any purchase make sure you’re crystal clear on your business model. Too often myself, my clients and my students have fallen into the trap of thinking that there’s one ‘perfect’ business model. There isn’t! The business model that’s perfect is the one that works for you, your offer, your lifestyle and your audience. 

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