Episode 119: The REAL Dos and Don’ts of Outsourcing Your Marketing

If there’s one thing I know, it’s that good marketing takes a lot of time, skill and focus. 

It’s a LOT of work, right? 

That hard work is exactly why most people can’t wait to outsource marketing as fast as possible. The problem though, is that sometimes in our rush to hand off our marketing, we’re at risk of making a few big mistakes. 

To help you better understand the risks BEFORE you make any mistakes, we’re going to break down the dos and don’ts of outsourcing your marketing.

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Biggest Show Takeaways:

  • #1: Own Your Role
    • No matter what you call yourself — founder, owner, CEO, president, consultant, writer — whatever your title, you’ve GOT to ALSO have the title of Chief Decision Maker for your business strategy. 
    • When it’s your business, you own the business strategy. You need to own making decisions about how resources are spent and what you’re going to focus on. 
    • Before you outsource anything at all, make sure you put on your Chief Decision Maker hat. It’ll serve you well. 
  • #2: Everyone On Your Team MUST Know Your Buyers and Audience
    • As the owner of your business, you’ve got to be up close and personal with your ideal client including who they are, what they’re looking for and how to best serve them. 
    • To be effective, anyone who you hand off any marketing has to understand your clients. Plus, they’re going to need YOUR help to get those insights. 
    • If you’re outsourcing any marketing be sure that both you and the person or company you’re hiring to are spending a good amount of time getting up close and personal with your ideal audience. 
    • Skip this step and I guarantee you’ll be wasting marketing time, money and effort. 
  • #3: Be Authentically You
    • I have had at least 17 different clients I can think of over the past couple of years who’ve come to me trying to do marketing in a way that didn’t feel natural, right or aligned with who they were. But they felt they ‘had’ to do marketing that way because a coach, mentor or big-name guru told them that’s the only way to be. 
    • I fell into that trap too and, I’m here to tell you right now that trying to be some fake version of yourself won’t work. Things like trying: 
      • To be an extrovert when you’re really an introvert will burn you out.
      • To be a speaker when you’re really a writer will lead you to avoid pitching yourself. 
      • To be a writer when you love to go to events will make you hate everything about your business. 
      • To do a ton of Instagram when you loathe it with all your heart will lead to frustration and a feeling like a failure. (But it’s not really a failure, it's just bad advice,  or rather, bad advice FOR YOU.) 
    • Find the right way to show up as YOU. As uniquely YOUR business. 
        • I love Sally Hogshead’s How to Fascinate quiz. You can discover your fascination advantage and then use it  to craft a marketing approach that plays to your strengths. 
    • There’s always a strategy that’ll work. Don’t fall for the lie that you can’t be successful embracing the wonderful uniqueness that is you. 
  • #4: Outsource Tasks as Fast as Possible
    • There are a lot of behind-the-scenes things in running a business that are less than glamorous. Things like: formatting a blog post on your website, setting up an email campaign, uploading a podcast, billing clients and setting appointments. 
      • Whatever the repetitive tasks are, if you can automate or create a process and find someone to run the process for you, I vote you do that. 
    • As business owners one of the worst things we can do is suck up all our time on non-profit producing tasks that someone else can do better, faster and probably cheaper than we can. 
    • Start small with a virtual assistant or VA. Have your VA set up your weekly blog post or email. Let them take one or two tasks off your plate and see how much more you’re able to get done simply because the weight of that repetitive task is out of your hair. 
      • Take that time and go find a new client to serve, and it’s a win-win-win all around! 
  • #5: Is it Innovation or Procrastination? 
    • I always ask myself this question: Am I going for innovation because something new is needed? Or am I reinventing and creating new things because I’m trying to procrastinate on another important goal that feels really, really important but is hard? 
    • Trying to stay ahead of the curve, to stand out, to be the newest, fastest, best or brightest by doing something new and different all the time, can take your focus away from the core of what your business. You’re chasing new ideas instead of attracting new clients, making a difference to your audience and building a profitable business. 
    • Your best bet is to keep things simple. Start with the tried and true business basics. 
      • Using proven testing methods to test out audiences and messages.
      • Creating a consistent marketing experience for your audience with a marketing funnel.
      • Having a content plan to stick to your key brand messages.
    • When we keep things manageable and consistent it’s amazing how well they work AND how well a team can fit into your outsourcing plan to make your goals work. 

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