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Episode 112: Jumping Into 2020… And Dealing With Business Doubt

Welcome to 2020!

I wanted to take today’s podcast to talk with you about something important… business burnout. 

Here’s the behind-the-scenes truth friend… in late November and into December my inbox was BOMBARDED with emails from people talking about making 2020 the best year ever. 

I’m sure you got your share of these emails too! 

I know most of the people sending those emails meant well and their messages were fine, but for me it was the wrong time, the wrong message and everything felt too pushy and heavy. So I decided to go quiet… think… and spend some time figuring out what the heck was going on with me. 

Next week is my eight year business anniversary. 8 YEARS! It’s crazy to think that eight  years have already passed since I walked out of my corporate job. 

In that time, I’ve grown and changed so much. My business is at a place I didn’t even think possible when I first started and was full of fear. 

In fact, 2019 was my best year in business yet. 

Which is why I was so confused feeling sluggish, tired, in serious need of rest and completely BLAH about 2020.

I realized I was experiencing business burnout and I needed a rest. 

What I also realized as I moved towards the end of 2019 is that all the marketing funnels I had in place, while they worked REALLY well, they weren’t fully in line with the changes I felt called to create in my business in 2019. 

So in September, I shut all my old funnels off. It felt right, but I won’t lie…it was SCARY. 

My marketing funnels are what bring new clients and students into my business. They’re the profit engine that DRIVES my business. So turning them off felt like I was turning off my business. I got stressed out and doubted my decision. 

But while these old funnels worked incredibly well, I knew I’d grown past them. 

In fact, I felt called to serve my audience at a much different level and that meant I needed to show up in a much different way. I know that pulling the plug was the right choice… 

… but it led me straight to my three big business nemeses: overwhelm, fear and doubt. 

Let’s dive in to how I get unstuck from the big three: overwhelm, fear and doubt…

 the marketing funnel show, marketing funnel, marketing funnels the marketing funnel show, marketing funnel, marketing funnels 

Biggest Show Takeaways:

  • First, I name it. 
    • It sounds super simple and it is, but when I get into my entrepreneurial mode, I tend to just push, push, push through my feelings to get to my ‘goal’ at the other end. 
    • When I’m dealing with overwhelm, fear and doubt, that ‘pushing’ tends to end up looking like a lot of busy work that sucks all the life, fun and energy out of me.
    • Now when I start to feel burnout… overwhelm… tears… frustration and lack of creativity I stop. I take a walk. And I name it. 
    • What is the ‘it’ that’s bothering me? What is the ‘it’ that is holding me back? What is the ‘it’ that I’m refusing to acknowledge? 
    • When I name whatever ‘it’ is, i unlock so much that I’ve been resisting and working hard to ignore that I often feel almost immediate relief. 
  • Second, I sit with it.
    • I’ve always been a charge-in, roll my sleeves up and get busy kind of person but what I’ve found in my entrepreneurial journey is that if I don’t give my feelings space and time, I’ll create a bunch of crap that doesn’t work because I’m forcing work from a place of resisting my feelings. 
    • Now, I give myself space. I journal. I meditate. I talk with a friend or coach. 
    • Even though it’s uncomfortable and sometimes makes me mad at myself for not being able to move faster. In the end, better ideas, impact and work come from me by giving myself a bit of space. 
  • Third, I get help. 
    • It’s not easy for me to ask for help. Not in my personal life and not in my business life. However, I know that when I get overwhelmed, doubtful and fearful it’s typically because I’m refusing to make a decision because I feel like I have to do all the work myself. And you know what? That’s just not true.
    • I’ve got a great team of people, peers, coaches, trusted advisors and friends around me whom I can reach out to for support. But I have to remember to reach out and allow these people who care about me to actually… you know… help me. 
  • Finally, I get a clear vision.
    • At the end, I always come away with a clear vision. A vision that feels aligned, good and a bit scary — but you know, the good kind of scary. The kind that leaves little butterflies fluttering in my belly and have me waking up with a smile on my face thrilled to dive into my new projects. 
    • This is how I spent my December and early January 2020. It was time for me to stop, regroup and create a vision that feels aligned… and no, I wasn’t ready to do it as of January 1st. But guess what? That’s ok. 
  • Success isn’t on a calendar schedule. Success happens little by little, decision by decision and action by action. 
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