Episode 109: Sales Funnels: How to Sell Your Services Without Selling Your Soul

Let’s be real here. You and I, we got into our businesses to help people, right? I know for myself, I had a big vision of having the freedom to create a business that truly helped others — but I didn’t factor in what it would take to actually help them. 

Because I don’t know about you, but when I was new in business, I had ZERO people knocking down my virtual door to hire me. It took getting out and hustling to find clients. 

And I didn’t love sales. In fact, that’s a lie. I was scared out of my mind of having to do sales, and I’d pretty much do ANYTHING OTHER THAN sell. 

Spend three hours on crafting a Facebook post? Yep, done that. 

Sign up for webinar after webinar after webinar? Yep, done that too. 

Sign up for every class I could find? Check, check, check. 

But here’s the truth: No sales = no business. 

No sales = no money for food, my mortgage payment, or other necessities.

And worst of all? No sales = no impact with my work. 

So I got over my fear, but not until I made a lot of mistakes and had a MASSIVE mindset shift in how I was selling and WHY I was selling. 

If you’re anything like I was for a long time where the term “selling” made you think of some rip-off artist like Matilda’s dad, the sleazy used car salesmen, it’s time for a reset. 

So let’s dive into five things you need to know if you want to sell your services without selling your soul.

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Biggest Show Takeaways:

  • #1. Have the right offer at the right time. 
    • One size doesn’t fit all. Sometimes a potential client isn’t the one for you and that’s okay!
    • Not everything you offer is going to be a perfect fit for everyone.
    • You need to ask yourself what problem you’re trying to solve and what they get out of  buying the offer from you. 
    • Know what questions to ask to help figure out what IS the right offer for them. 
  • #2. Engage your community.
  • Got a few people who are happy with you?  Engage them and see if you can have a conversation with them and get them to provide a testimonial.
    • Highlight and showcase the work and transformation they’ve made through working with you and share it! Social media, email marketing, a case study, etc.
    • Share success stories with potential clients to show you understand their needs and can help them get results. 
  • #3. Have a sales process.
  • Guess what? Every person you talk with won’t be the right fit. Instead, you’ve got to create a process
    • I used to just get on the phone and try to dazzle them with my skills but they would leave the call not understanding WHY they need to work with me. 
      • I started recording my calls to see where I was going wrong and when I would listen to them, it became apparent I wasn’t doing a great job at listening to them.
      • Now, I know I need to set the stage. Have questions prepared. Address key areas of concern. Explain possible solutions. 
  • #4. Stay focused.
    • Do not make the fatal mistake of trying to explain everything you do (or exactly how you do it) unless you want to lose their interest quickly.
    • If you have good rapport and are authentically discussing their needs, you will find common ground and a good fit for your product or service. 
    • Just remember, if you sell pencils and they ask for a pen, you need to move on. (Or start a new product line!)
  • #5. Have confidence.
    • Don’t push. Don’t approach every conversation as “make or break” because potential clients can feel that in how you speak.
    • What I have found is that when I follow my sales process, it makes it easier to be confident because it wasn’t about me or my feelings — it’s about them and their needs.

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