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Episode 103: How To Craft A Compelling Email Series

An important part of creating Profit Without Worry is having a really engaging email series that does some of the work of relationship-building for you.

I like to think of an email series of a way to set the stage for why you have something different to offer, why your approach is going to solve their problem, and why now is the time to take action. 

You’re setting the stage to show them why YOU are the person they need.

If you’re anything like me, though, you’ve likely found yourself (more than once) sitting at your laptop or with your pad of paper, staring at a blank page trying to figure out WHAT you need to write. Or maybe you find yourself writing just for the sake of it, and what you end up with isn’t anything like what you want or need.

And that’s exactly why you need a plan. 

When I’m trying to get my head around writing an email series, there are six key things that I focus on. 

Let’s dive in.

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Biggest Show Takeaways:

#1. Know Your Customer Journey

  • A customer journey is knowing where your audience is at when they first come to you — their problems, struggles, dreams, and hopes. 
  • Your job is to then take them on a journey and help them break down those beliefs and build new ones that help them see why your approach or offer will work for them and why now is the time to take action.
  • Selling becomes secondary. Your focus is on showing them that your way of solving their problem is different and will actually help them.

#2. Have an Endpoint

  • Know what you’re building towards.
  • Often when I review people’s emails series, they will have three (or more) different things they’re trying to do in the sequence. You can’t expect people to go to your sales page AND get on a call with you AND take other unrelated actions. It will be clunky and overwhelming. 
  • Decide what your endpoint is and then navigate your audience towards it. Doesn’t matter if it’s a service, a webinar, or opt-in — just steer them in that direction and stay the course. 

#3. Focus on ONE Goal per Email

  • There’s nothing that turns readers off faster than a long convoluted email where you can’t quite figure out what point is that the writer is trying to make. 
  • Each email should have ONE action. Reading a blog post, giving them an “aha” moment, inviting them to respond to you with their thoughts — all of these are reasonable goals. The trick is to only ask one thing of them in each email. 
  • When people get overwhelmed, they stop reading. Don’t make them work to find the point of what you’re saying or asking. 

#4. Outline Your Key Message per Email 

  • Before you even write your email, decide on the key message. Then, build it out from there.
  • Add a story, a customer testimonial, a helpful tip, or an informative piece of content. 
  • Your email needs a hook that makes your audience WANT to read it. 
  • Look at others for inspiration. Find someone whose emails you always read and figure out what draws you in.

#5. Pull Together Proof and Examples

  • Providing proof and examples helps people make a connection. They can see themselves in others, and your journey becomes more real, tangible, and believable. 
  • Show them you can back up your words. If you’re making a claim about what your product or service can do for them, show them with concrete proof. 

#6. KISS — Keep It Simple, Sweetheart

  • Simple doesn’t automatically mean it has to be short or long; it means simple language and examples that are easy for people to understand and relate to.
  • Don’t try to prove how smart you, how huge your vocabulary is, or how many credentials you have.
  • Think of how you’d speak to someone over a cup of coffee. You’d keep it real, authentic, and totally you. 
  • Don’t let your excitement and enthusiasm cause you to go overboard!

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