If you’re like 99% of online business owners, authors, consultants, and experts out there, you probably feel like your audience isn’t big enough — even though you put great content out there. 

Just about EVERYONE I talk to feels that way. In fact, most online business owners put a TON of effort into creating great content to help people out. 

They may even do some ads, social media, and other promotional tactics to get more eyeballs on their content. 

But it still feels like trying to carry a bucket of water uphill with holes in the bottom. By the time you get up to the top of the hill, there’s only a dribble of water left, AND it’s taken a ton of time and effort, which is frustrating and exhausting and disheartening. 

Bottom line for most people: Content marketing doesn’t work. At least not as well as we’d like it to. 

But here’s the thing. You and I know that building an audience isn’t easy. I mean, if it was, everyone would have 100 million YouTube subscribers, right? 

We know that it doesn’t just happen overnight (even if we want it to!).

Even though you and I know that millions of people won’t flock to our content overnight because there isn’t some magic bullet that instantly skyrockets you to Kardashian-type fame, it can still be really disheartening to put something out there and get no response, right? 

So, before we go on, I want you to step back for a minute and realize any stories you’re telling yourself about your audience size. Stories about what you have deemed as “not good enough.”

Be honest. Do you shame yourself for your tiny audience size? Do you compare yourself to others and feel like you don’t belong or aren’t good enough? 

If you’re in that place, I want to take you through a few ways you can use your marketing funnel to attract the right audience — and feel good about it. 

Let’s dive in. 

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Biggest Show Takeaways

#1: Mindset

  • Every single person on the planet who has a thriving audience started at ZERO. In fact, some may have started at less than zero because they might have had doubters all around them trying to hold them back. 
  • Those who thrive do it anyway — regardless of how many people are looking. 
  • On my first podcast, I was averaging about 100 downloads a week. To me, that felt tiny and lame. 
  • If I was standing on a stage at a conference with 100 people packed into a room, that would feel HUGE! 
  • If I met 100 people in person every week, that would feel overwhelming. 
  • If I messaged 100 people a week on LinkedIn, that would feel CRAZY. 
  • For some reason, 100 people on my podcast felt lame. Clearly, I needed a mindset reset — and you may too. 
  • I don’t NEED millions of people in my business, especially not back then when 100% of my business was one-on-one work.  
  • It took me a couple of years to get over my imaginary comparinitis and decide to just show up no matter what, with content that I know will serve my audience and help them decide if I’m for them or not. 
  • I had to realize I wasn’t building popularity — I can’t pay my mortgage with likes and follows from social media.
    • It’s NOT my job to worry about the results of my work. It’s NOT my job to worry about being good enough or polished enough or pretty enough or just plain old enough.
    • I needed to build a business and show up and serve my audience no matter how small that audience was.
  • I committed to showing up and doing the work to make a difference for my audience — even if that audience only consisted of one person.
    • Once I started creating content without worrying about what other people thought of me or how they were judging me, I was able to create content that actually spoke to my audience. So can you.

#2: Content Testing

  • What really makes your content work stand out is to be willing to be messy and TEST. 
  • When you have a marketing funnel, it’s so much easier to find your audience and your message because you can test, test, and test some more. 
  • You know what you’re trying to sell, and when you run tests, it helps you understand your audience at a deeper level. 
    • When you approach your audience this way, they’ll tell you what they’re interested in, and you can create more of THAT. 
  • The worst times in my business have been when I’ve tried to create something perfect from the comfort of hiding out behind my laptop screen. 
  • The best times in my business have come when I’ve been willing to test and be messy — to not have it all perfectly figured out — and I’ve let my audience tell me what they’re most interested in learning from me. 
    • Then I build a marketing funnel based on that audience feedback.

The Bottom Line

  • Profit Without Worry doesn’t come because we’re the smartest, most qualified, or have the biggest audiences. It comes in our business because we are willing to do that work to serve our audiences in a way that has them leaning forward and saying:  Tell me more.  
  • Create Profit Without Worry – one system at a time. I’ll show you how to attract a steady flow of buyers without all the hustle with this free download →  5 Steps to Profit Without Worry.

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