Episode 100: Ready to Test Your Marketing Funnel? Three Simple Ways to Do It

It’s an exciting day here on the Profit Without Worry podcast. We’re celebrating episode 100!

I've never done something for a hundred weeks in a row before that I can remember. I am so excited that we hit episode number 100, and I feel like we're just getting started. There is so much to talk about. I just have to say thanks for tuning in, thanks for joining me each week, and thanks for spreading the word. I love it when I hear back from you all.

Now, onto our topic.

It’s so easy to waste a ton of time, money, and all of our energy on building marketing — building a marketing funnel, building a marketing path, building out a whole launch — and then it doesn't work. 

That's the biggest fear that I’ve had for myself and my own business. It's the biggest fear I hear from other people out there. When I'm talking to them about doing Facebook ads or building a marketing funnel, they'll say, “What if I put in all this time and money and effort and it doesn't work?”

Let's just be really honest — there's not an entrepreneur on the face of the world that hasn't had a fizzle out bomber of a launch. We think, “Oh, yeah, this is going to be the one!” and then it doesn't work. 

The thing is, what sets us apart from other people is that we keep going even when we figure out things don't work. A big part of being an entrepreneur, small business owner, freelancer, or consultant is really getting in there and figuring out what's going to work. 

I'm going to talk about three ways that I've done this myself and provide some ways that you can easily get started TODAY. 

Running these tests will get you so much more clarity into what people want, confidence that your offer is going to sell, and it gives a different energy to what you bring to your marketing when you know things will work.

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Biggest Show Takeaways:

#1. Mini Offers

  • By mini, I mean little tiny offers. These mini offers are what helped me figure out what to put in to Build Your Funnel Bootcamp and create my first online course that actually sold. I had a good business at that point; I was just trying to figure out how to take my one-on-one work and turn it into a course.
  • I did these mini offers because I wasn't sure what would people be interested in, what they wanted to learn about, or what would be valuable for them.
    • An example of a mini offer I ran: I offered to do a video review of their marketing and give them feedback on what they could be doing better. People went bananas for that. 
    • I had some PDFs that were like a landing page, opt-in page, and sales page formulas that showed people how to create those. Nobody wanted them. They weren't interested in the formulas, and I didn't know why. 
    • It wasn't until I ran the mini offers that I found out people didn't want those formulas because they didn't actually even know what to put in them. If I said, “Put a hooky headline here,” they're like, “I don't know what a hooky headline would be. What would I even say here?”
    • It just gave me more insight into my audience in a way that I never ever would have been able to come up with all my own in my office, you know, thinking my own thoughts and not talking to anybody. 
    • The power of mini offers is that I would roll out these baby offers, and for me, a mini offer is something that I can deliver in two hours or less and that costs $200 or less.
    • I tried a whole bunch of things, and a few things worked. From there, I was able to get insights from actual buyers. That helped me create Build Your Funnel Bootcamp, which has been purchased by about 100 people now. I haven't ever done any big launch; it's just been a really simple funnel that's been running. 

#2. Social Media Tests

  • I'm not the person that's out there on Facebook Live all the time or doing all these things, but I will tell you that social media tests can be insanely powerful. What do I mean by that?
    • If you're trying to test out a new message, like when I was trying to test out Profit Without Worry, I ran a couple of social media tests. I got such great feedback from it that I was like, yep, this is what I'm going to go with.
  • You can run tests with video, ads, or posts. 
    • One of the most powerful things that I’ve found for my business is that when you come out from behind your computer and make yourself easy to see, easy to be discovered, easy to engage with, and you put an idea out there, you’re testing the waters.
      • Sometimes your idea might go out to crickets, and that's fine. That's feedback.
      • Sometimes your idea might go out, and people might have negative things to say back to you. That's also feedback.
      • Sometimes you might put something out there, and people are like, “Oh my gosh, I needed to hear this today.” That’s validation.
      • Being willing to put it out there no matter what happens, being willing to show up and do the work is a powerful step. We can only worry about the work that we put in, and we don't need to worry about permission either. You're good enough as you are right now. 
      • We have to be willing to connect with our audiences on something that would be valuable to them, that would be interesting to them, that would be insightful to them, that would be funny to them. 

#3. Show up in Person 

  • If you’re more of an “in-person” person and like to go to lots of events or if you like to go out and network with folks, you can test out messages, offers, and ideas in person as well. 
    • You can ask questions. You can say, “Hey, I was thinking about offering something like this. Do you know anybody who would be interested in it?”
    • Put together your list of things you want to run by people, and just GET OUT THERE!

Final Thoughts

  • There's a lot of ways that you can test things before you dump a whole bunch of money and time and energy into building out a marketing path or a marketing funnel or do tons of ads or any of that kind of stuff. 
  • A lot of times I’ve felt like I have had to have everything buttoned up behind the scenes and have all of my offers and all of my emails ready to go before I can even let people peek inside. 
    • What I've found is that when I let people peek inside when it's still messy and when I'm still creating and when everything's not in perfect working order, it makes a big difference. It can make a difference in where I take the product. It makes a huge difference in my energy and my attitude towards doing it because I'm not worried if people will want what I’m offering.
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