Episode 59: Discovery Call Planning – Putting the Steps Together

Our series on Discovery Calls continues and if you haven’t already, I encourage you to make sure you read through today’s show notes to download the cheat sheet linked at the end of the notes.

In part 1 which was episode #57, I outlined five big mistakes I made with discovery calls that REALLY killed my business sales for the first few years of my business. Once I stopped doing those big mistakes, I went from 1,000 failed sales calls to selling over $60,000 of my services in just 3 weeks… and no, I didn’t get a brain transplant or become some sort of sales guru.

Part 2 was episode #58, where we dove deep into the first 3 steps of the discovery call process. Those are SO KEY to setting the stage and include:

    1. Clarify their goals.
    1. Agitate their current problem.
  1. Emotionally connect to what their problem is costing them right now.

If you haven’t had a chance to listen to those episodes yet, you may want to go listen to episode #57 and episode #58 first.

In this episode, we’re covering the last 2 steps in the Discovery Call process.

Biggest Show Takeaways:

  • Step #4: Paint a picture of a better tomorrow.
    • Storytelling is story-selling. Telling stories is the best way of connecting, engaging and converting your audience.
    • Figure out what it looks like when your prospect has solved their problem. What’s their big, burning desire? Do you have a story of how solving this big, burning desire has changed your life or the lives of your customers?
    • The person you’re talking with on the phone doesn’t want to make decisions based on what you think is right or wrong. They don’t want to be sold on your offer. They want INSPIRATION. They want to know what’s possible. They want to hear how people JUST LIKE THEM have achieved results with your product, program or service.
    • Potential customers want to feel the excitement of what life will be like when this issue is solved and have you answer the question “Will this work for me?”.
    • That’s the reason why smart business owners work hard to create compelling case studies and customer testimonials. Which leads us into:
  • Step #5: Prove you have done it before.
    • Telling the story of how you have already helped someone else solve the problem your prospect has especially if they can see themselves in that story will be far more compelling than just talking about the offer’s features and price.
    • Instead of pitching your product, what kinds of stories can you tell about the work you’ve done?
    • If you don’t have any good examples and stories, I HIGHLY suggest you make that your #1 focus.
    • Even if you have to give away your offer to a few people in exchange for testimonials it’s powerful to be able to showcase your offer’s effectiveness through story.
    • Think about the problem you solve for your audience. What are some examples that you could use (removing people’s names/company names for privacy) to highlight their situation and the outcome of using your product or service?
  • This process that we set out for your call is the SAME process you can use in your email marketing and any other parts of your marketing funnel as well.
  • The three big questions that your prospects need answered before they’re ready to move forward with buying from you:  
    • Why YOU are the right fit for their needs.
    • Why THIS OFFER is exactly what they need to achieve their goals.
    • Why NOW is the time to act — and why waiting is no longer an option.
  • When you follow this 5 step discovery call process, you’ll create an experience that’s incredibly valuable and helps both of you decide what the right next step is so that they know EXACTLY why they want to buy from you now.
  • Discovery Call Planner Cheat Sheet
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