Imagine this scenario…

You spend $1,000 on Facebook ads and get almost 900 new PERFECT potential clients onto your email list…

So fantastic, right? *fist bump*


… the days and weeks tick by with nary a new client in sight.

Wait, what? *insert gut-wrenching sobs here*

Don't the gurus ALWAYS say, “the money is in your email list?”

Well… you've spent the money to build a list…

… so where's the money that should be magically appearing in your PayPal account from this unicorn list?

Oh, if only it were so easy. 🙂

I hate to break this hard truth to you… but 1 email subscriber ≠ 1 new sale.

It takes much more effort than that, my friend.

Which is why I do Facebook ads for ANY client who doesn't have at least a basic funnel in place.

(and YES, I create killer funnels that work. So if you don't have one, keep on reading!)

What's a basic funnel?

Well, it depends on what you're ultimately trying to sell…

… if you're selling an inexpensive product/program, your funnel could be something like:

… if you're selling one-on-one coaching, consulting or expert service, your funnel could be something like:

(I've got funnels for speakers, coaches, consultants, experts, webinars, launches, programs, list building, stacked offers, self-liquidating offers and more…)

The #1 reason people don't see results from their Facebook advertising spend is they don't have a marketing funnel to turn new subscribers into clients.

The truth is (regardless of what gurus on the internet streets say), ‘passive' income and ‘client attraction' takes a lot of effort to set up.

Now don't get me wrong – once you set it up, test it and perfect it, you can DEFINITELY have passive income – but creating that passive income takes a lot of focus, knowledge, testing and effort.

Before you dive into the deep end with Facebook ads, make sure you've got a system to turn your advertising investment into cold, hard cash for your business.

Not sure how to get started with creating your funnel? I've got you covered.

I'm the shortcut you need to transform your business into a client attracting, money-making, obsessed-fan creating dynamo.

I've done it for many happy clients. I've made the mistakes, blunders and total fails already… so you get the benefit of all my past efforts with my brain on your business.

If you're ready to invest in your business growth this year, clickity-click on over to apply for a Borrow My Brain session.

I'll walk through the EXACT funnel I'd design for your business based on your goals, clients and offer.

This is a funnel that, once in place, will make money predictably.

But you'll only get that golden nugget outta my brain when we talk (because my ESP skills don't work well…)

Apply here.

PS: My FAVORITE tool to create killer funnels? ClickFunnels – and you can try it out here for FREE for 14 days. Grab your free trial before we talk so you can ask me all your ClickFunnels questions too!


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