You may be wondering if Facebook ads will work for your business…

… and that's a good question because I've seen a lot of crappy ads out there that just burn money and deliver ZERO results.

There are 4 must-haves that go into making Facebook ads really work for your business:

1.  The right creative (image or video, copy, call to action)
2.  The right targeting
3.  The right ‘hook' (lead magnet, webinar, offer, etc…)
4.  A strong back-end funnel (landing page, emails, etc…)

Yep, it takes a bit of work to do this right.

I mean, it's not just picking a stock image and throwing an ad up on Facebook… that will do nothing for your business except drain your bank account!

(and yes, I do funnel set up + Facebook ads all the time)

It's about diving into the minds of your new potential clients and speaking directly to a fear, pain or deep desire they have…

… and that's where most people go wrong. They think the ad will do all the work, but it won't.

The ad is just step 1 in a process to attract new people to your business and begin the process of turning them into a client.

But here's why it's worth it —> PREDICTABLE RESULTS, baby!

Here are the results from a client I started working with in late January.

In the first week of running her ads for her brand-new offer to a totally cold audience, we were getting conversions at a GREAT price.


Imagine if you spent $300 and got over 200 new people into your business.

*   200 people who are excited about what you do.
*   200 people who said YES, I'm looking for something just like what you're advertising.
*   200 people who want to hear more from you!

Do you think you could turn one of those 200 people into a new client? Would the investment be worth it?

For me and my clients, absolutely!

If you want to talk about investing in your business with Facebook ads, head on over here and fill out the form for a Borrow my Brain session.

During our call we will talk specifically about your business, how Facebook ads can support your business growth and answer all your burning questions.

I've got room for a few more clients during the next few months.  I would love to be sharing  YOUR great results in a post very soon!

Not sure if Facebook ads are right for you?

Take this quick quiz and find out! (Hint: You're gonna wish you'd done this sooner!)


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