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Join me behind the scenes as we dive into how different marketing funnel strategies help you attract more clients, get your message to more people and make more money… without all the hustle, sleepless nights and stress of a big launch.

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Episode 49: Creating Content That Gets Results

Ever wondered how the heck you hook your audience with content they can’t wait to get? How to write emails that zing their heart? How to inspire excitement, action, ideas, and engagement with your content? You want to create content that makes your audience WANT what...

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Episode 44: Marketing Made Simple: Finding Your Audience

As an online business owner, do you feel like marketing is overwhelming, frustrating and is just NOT in your wheelhouse? If you said yes then you are like so many people out there. I graduated from college with a marketing degree back in 1996, and while things have...

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Episode 43: How to Ditch Your Impostor Syndrome

Have ever heard of impostor syndrome? It’s a complete mindset monster that can hold you back in your business. Tell me if any of this sounds familiar: You’ve felt frustrated and embarrassed that you’re not growing fast enough. You feel like a fraud, and everyone is...

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Episode 42: Why You Need a Funnel for Your Business

I recently did a survey of my audience, and hundreds of people responded back with their questions, reservations, and hang-ups with marketing funnels. If YOU were one of those people, THANK YOU! I love reading all the insights and understanding how I can create even...

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