“Michelle, I hired a Facebook ad expert at $1,800/month… and my cost for each opt-in is between $8.00 -$33.00. I can't grow my business like this!”

Earlier this week, I had that very conversation with a new client.

She was SO FRUSTRATED after hiring a well-known expert to run her campaign…

She spent well over $3,000 and only had a couple hundred new opt-ins.

So when she saw the results I was getting clients, she wanted to know HOW??!!??

I shared this secret with her (and now with you)…


What does that mean?

Well, take a scroll through your Facebook newsfeed. What do you see?

I'm guessing lots of opt-in ads and a few ‘buy now' ads, right?

Those are TAKERS.

And if that is your first interaction with them, you're likely to skip right past the ad.

But imagine this instead…

*   Imagine if one of those advertisers had taken the time to give you information.
*   Imagine if they'd take the time to inspire you with a story of how their product/service/program impacts lives like yours.
*   Imagine if they'd made you laugh (or cry) or some other emotion that was memorable.

So one of the secrets to getting solid results on Facebook is to start off being a giver.


You could:

*   Do a Facebook live and turn it into an ad teaching, inspiring, calling BS, being goofy… whatever is appropriate for your business
*   Record a video (on your phone, device or with a camera)
*   Hire someone on Fiverr to take a key idea or quote and turn it into a video
*   Do a screen grab recording and share some knowledge
*   Share a blog post you've written (that doesn't require an opt-in)
*   and more…

By GIVING first, you stand out plus, your ad performance will be SO MUCH BETTER.

And best of all? It does NOT have to cost a lot of money to get great results (but it does take strategy + experience).

Here are some results from a recent campaign I did with a screen grab video. I spent less than $20 and had over 1,000 people view my ad (at $0.02 per view, that's pretty darn affordable!).


Then I did an opt-in ad… spent just over $60 and made over $10,000 to date (see an earlier report on how I got a 9,081% return on Facebook ads with this campaign)

This campaign was so successful, I had to turn it off after only 10 days because I had so many people wanting to talk with me!  I was completely booked for more than 2 months!

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Don't sit around waiting for people to find you… get out into Facebook ad land and find them.

Your next ideal client is scrolling through Facebook right now… searching for YOU.

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