Ever wonder why some people are singing from the rooftops about their latest marketing coup (with $$$ dripping from their eyeballs)…

… while it feels like your marketing is aimed at a bottomless pit that no one pays attention to at all?

It leaves you scratching your head wondering… what gives?

Whenever my marketing misses the mark, I always come back to make sure I'm not making one of these rookie mistakes…

(hey, they can slip in under the disguise of a good idea… that's why I've got this list… to keep myself HONEST!)

Mistake #1 – Not Emailing Your List Enough

I know, I know… you're shaking your head saying ‘but my list doesn't WANT to hear from me'.

If that's really the case, you haven't attracted the right people to you.

Because the right people want to hear little nuggets of goodness from your grey matter often. That's why they signed up to hear from you!

Mistake #2 – Focusing on TOOOOOOOO Many Things

This is my BIGGEST mistake. Focusing on toooooo, toooooo, tooooo many things. Studies + my experience have shown time and again that the BEST marketing tackles ONE BIG IDEA and sticks to it.

How many ideas do you have crammed into your marketing?

Mistake #3 – Telling Always. Storytelling Never.

Storytelling can be a tough nut to crack, so many of us stick to a telling approach (kinda like… ahem… most of this email!)

Telling is good – you can give really clear direction, break things down into bite sized chunks and teach your audience all about your niche.


You've got to mix it up with a bit of storytelling too. Think of your favorite movies, shows, books, plays… you get the idea.

They suck you in until you just can't look away until you discover every last delightful detail…

Your marketing can do the same thing.

Here are a few storylines to test out in your own marketing:

*   Hero's Journey (Lord of the Rings)
*   Loss and Redemption (Jerry Maguire)
*   Us vs. Them (Star Wars)
*   Before and After (My Big Fat Greek Wedding)
*   Amazing Discovery (March of the Penguins)

Mistake #4 – Not Talking Directly To Your Ideal Client

Who IS your ideal, dreamy, perfect customer/client? Talk to him/her!

I've got 2 ideal clients – and I have pictures of them with a description of their hopes, dreams, fears and why they want to work with ME.

If you don't know exactly who your person is, drop everything and work on it.

Because when you talk generically to everyone…

… you're actually talking to no one.

Mistake #5 – Features, Features and More Features

Ah, good ‘ole feature soup. If you're not sure what a feature is, it's all the details of your offer.

*   How many phone calls: feature
*   How many modules: feature
*   How much it costs: feature
*   How to use your offer: feature

You get the picture.

They seem super important… but they're actually NOT what your ideal clients are looking for in your marketing copy.

Nope, what you need to do is get to the transformation benefit.

Mistake #6 – Not Doing Your Homework

When I speak with potential clients about why their marketing isn't doing as well as they think it should, I often find out they haven't done their homework.

Before you offer something, make sure there is a real need for it!

It's so simple these days. My favorite places to do my homework on an offer are:

*   Udemy – look at the courses selling really well. What are the modules? What questions do people have? How could you offer a slight twist to deliver even more value?
*   Amazon – look at the books/DVDs/products in your space that have at least 100 reviews. Find the pains that people still have and create an offer for that.

There are other ways to dive even deeper into finding the market need, but I'll leave it at these two for now… this is the bare minimum.

(and hello! they're both FREE – we have FREE unfettered access to this goldmine of information… we need to USE IT!)

Mistake #7 – Not Knowing Your Secret Marketing Power

Seriously. You need to KNOW what people want from you. If you haven't already discovered your secret marketing power, jump on over here and take the free 3-minute quiz.

Why? Well a BIG part of creating marketing that works is to establish yourself as an ‘Attractive Character'.

You want to establish your position, your voice and your identity. This will make all your marketing a lot easier.

*   Are you the Simplifier?
*   Are you the Captain?
*   Are you the Influencer?
*   Are you the Activator?

You are one of these types – and knowing which one PLUS how to use your secret marketing power in your own marketing is the key that unlocks a lot of the mystery behind your marketing.

Click here to take your free quiz to find out in just a couple of minutes then use your secret power to knock the earmuffs off your competition as clients start flocking to YOU.


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