Imagine this scene…

Throngs of people crowding around the door, chanting “Open, Open, Open”.

People pushing for a better position, absolutely dying to be the first one through the door to score a coveted front-row seat.

As the doors slowly open, a wave of people flood the room.

These wild, raving fans start running and pushing their way into the best seats in the house,primed and ready for the much-anticipated main stage speaker.

The music blares louder, beats pulsing with the light show in the room.

Adults dressed in business clothes are clapping and dancing with abandon like teenagers at a rock concert.

Then the speaker finally glides onstage catapulting the energy in the room through the roof…

The lights dim…

The music fades…

The speaker stands silently and expectantly on stage with her sparkling, gleaming jewelry, fancy shoes and designer outfit on display…

…everything about her screams ‘I'm A SUCCESS' (before she even opens her mouth).

She smiles.

800 people breathlessly perch on the edge of their seats…

…pens poised over notebooks ready to catch each truth bomb from the 7-figure business queen…

And it starts.

This masterful saleswoman spins a tale so enticing, so thrilling and so alluring that half the room whips out their wallets, race to the back of the room and throw their credit cards at her team.

People couldn't buy her step-by-step program fast enough.

Yep… that was me in the crowd throwing my credit card around to get a glimpse of this businesswoman's magical system. And I was suckered to the tune of $997.

This was a couple years back, but let me tell you…

…I'll never forget unwrapping her box with nervicited hands. Taking out the materials and starting in on her coveted ‘secrets' with a smile.

An hour later, I was no longer smiling.

Her whole system was total crap.

She sold me a whole lotta sizzle with absolutely no steak.

You know what her magical secret was? She's a master Jedi mind trick storyteller.

You know what she's NOT amazing at? Teaching anything.

Her product was CRAP.

But, I'm so happy I bought it because I got to experience the unsexy, unsizzly, unvarnished TRUTH behind her success.

You see, $997 was simply the beginning.

Stay tuned… I will reveal why my $997 mistake actually turned into a major a-ha for me (and my clients).

Talk then!

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