Fear the Facebook Pixel no more!


Seriously, if you have an online business you NEED to have the Facebook tracking pixel installed on your site EVEN IF you’re not planning on running ads.



Well, the truth is that someday you may want to run Facebook ads (because BILLIONS of people hang out on Facebook… it’s a pretty good bet YOUR clients are there).


And if you start running Facebook ads with no pixeled audience, you’re going to pay. A LOT.


For example, recently I had a client with a pixel on her site (she’d never run ads before) and we were able to get her video views for less than $0.01 and opt-ins for $1.25.


And I had another client, who had never run Facebook ads with no pixel… We got video views for $0.18… and opt-ins were running at $3.25+.


If you wanted to add 1,000 people to your email list client 1 would pay approximately $1,250 and client 2 would pay $3,250 (that’s a BIG difference).




… if you take 5 minutes to follow my quick tutorial on how to install the pixel, you’ll be ahead of the game. And you’ll keep a LOT more money in your pocket.


(Trust me, you’ll thank me later.)


By installing the Facebook pixel, here’s what happens behind the scenes.


Facebook starts tracking people who visit your website. This is important because:

  • You can target these people with Facebook ads for a FRACTION of the cost of a totally cold audience.
  • You can build a ‘lookalike’ audience of people who visit your website. A lookalike audience includes people who have similar characteristics to those who’ve visited you.
  • You can get incredible insights into who you’re reaching with your website/message. Facebook can give you demographic and behavior breakdowns so you get a LOT smarter about who, really, is paying attention to you. (hello, no more guessing!)


Take 5 minutes right now. Watch the video. Install your pixel.


And do a little happy dance that you just saved yourself BIG for your future marketing.


(Look at you, savvy biz owner!)


How To Install Your Facebook Pixel


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