At the start of each year, we've got dreams about how our business and lives will go…

… so how DO you create your dream business (and life) in 2017?

Commit to the story YOU want to create about your business (and life) in 2017.

Is it a story of finally conquering your fears of being seen and becoming known as the go-to expert on your subject?

Is it the story of finally focusing on the one thing you've been avoiding… and rocketing your business into the next level?

Is it the story of finally getting a marketing system in place to consistently fill your business with AMAZING new clients… so you never have to worry about where your next sale will come from?

Whatever the story is – it's up to YOU to create it.

Here are 7 key disciplines I do to make sure I'm creating the 2017 story I want to tell:

1. Write my big goals down… twice a day… every day.

There are things I want to achieve this year such as income goals, impact goals but also goals like spending guilt-free time at the park with my kiddos.

I don't create ‘new year's resolutions' but I do check in with myself twice a day, every day to see if I'm on track with how I want my life to feel.

I use Danielle LaPorte's Desire Map (available on Amazon) as a roadmap to get clear on how I truly want to feel.

2. Actively practice gratitude for all the goodness in my life.

Daily gratitude has been a practice of mine for the past couple of years and it's made such an impact on my life.

Before doing my gratitude practices, I'd beat myself up constantly. I'd worry constantly that I wasn't good enough, far enough along, working hard enough… you get the picture.

But once I started actively practicing gratitude, I began to realize how amazing my life actually was… and that I truly was making progress even if my ‘big' goal seemed far, far away.

Daily gratitude is my secret sauce to avoid BURN OUT.

3. Meditate & move (even for 5 minutes)

OK, I'm gonna be honest… I'm not very consistent with this yet. Meditation has been HARD for me, mostly because I become all judgy-judgy about if I'm ‘doing it right'.

I bought a Deepak Chopra/Oprah guided meditation bundle and it's helped me tremendously to get out of my head and just be… even if it's just for 5 minutes.

I've also discovered that if I do even a small amount of movement (like taking a walk, going up and down my stairs, jumping jacks, squats, etc…) that I can meditate so much easier. It's like letting off a bit of steam so I can get into the meditation mode a lot easier.

4. Track absolutely everything.

It's so easy to overlook all that goes into building a business. For me, it's vital to know what money I have coming in and what I need to pay out. That way I know how much I have to invest.

  • I track all the money coming in/going out of my business.
  • I track all marketing activities.
  • I track all client engagement.

I track absolutely everything because without that tracking, I'm running my business blind and making uninformed decisions.

5. Identify and face my fears.

Whenever I come up against ANY resistance, I have to pause and ask myself, “what's really going on here?”

Is it that I said yes when I should have said no?

Is it that this is the wrong direction for my business?

Is it that I'm afraid of something… and if so, what?

Getting clear on my blocks, and then tapping on them has been critical in getting me unstuck over the years.

(If you want to learn more about tapping, I recommend The Tapping Solution by Nick Ortner and Tapping into Wealth by Margaret Lynch… there are also a ton of free options on YouTube to get you started.)

6. Cultivate and spend time with my inner circle.

My inner circle consists of my coach, my support team, my mastermind and my trusted peers/accountability partners.

You've heard this before… you are who you spend time with. I make sure to spend time with people who help me get to the next level by challenging me, supporting me, brainstorming/masterminding with me and giving me feedback.

7. Have an open mind for what's coming next.

As a strategic person, I love to map out HOW things will work. But sometimes I simply need to know where I want to go and be open to the how working itself out. Otherwise it's easy to get stuck in perfectionism.

This is how I focus on creating the 2017 story I want to tell. What about you? What else do you do to make sure on December 31, 2017you've created a story that makes you proud, excited and satisfied with how your year went?

Leave a comment (or join our Facebook community here) and let me know.


Here's to a great 2017!

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