If you’ve ever thought that marketing funnels are ONLY about flooding unsuspecting sucker’s inboxes with emails to buy now, I’m about to blow your mind. You see, there ARE coaches and experts out there who teach this approach. But you’ll notice something about these ‘experts’. They won’t be around long. Find out why on today’s episode of The Marketing Funnel show. Listen here —>

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The Marketing Funnel Show, Marketing funnel, marketing funnels, funnel, funnelsBiggest Show Takeaways:
  1. Are you a coach, consultant, creative, expert or online business owner wondering why (or even if) you need a marketing funnel? By the end of today’s episode you’ll know EXACTLY why focusing on 3 phases of your funnel is the key to your businesses success.
  2. There are 3 key phases to any funnel – yet most businesses skip over the first 1 – 2 and then wonder why their marketing doesn’t work.
  3. We dive into the 3 phases of the marketing funnel
  4. Phase 1 – critical to establishing yourself as an authority yet most people skip this
  5. Phase 2 – is simple to do when you’ve done phase 1. It’s a lot harder (and more expensive) when you skip phase 1
  6. Phase 3 – this becomes a lot more fun if you’ve done phases 1 and 2… but without that pre-work, this can be the phase that convinces people that their business just won’t work.
  7. Want to know which marketing funnel is right for you and your business? Take this free and easy quiz and in less than 5 minutes you’ll know EXACTLY which funnel is right for you.
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