More clients, more customers, more leads, more sales…

Without clients, leads and sales… your business can't grow.

But with a great system, you can predictably create a steady stream of new leads, sales and amazing clients into your business.

To have a great money-making month, we need 3 things:

  • New potential clients (or leads)
  • Something to offer (product, service, program)
  • A message that connects what we've got to offer with those new potential clients (so they say YES and sign up to buy!)

Those 3 things SOUND simple… but if you've tried to figure it out before you know that it's easy to get lost in the execution weeds spending weeks (and sometimes MONTHS) trying to figure it out.

So today, I'll tell you HOW I got the following results in 35 hours for $63.17 of Facebook ads:

  • 25 new opt-ins for a brand new freebie I created
  • 17 new Borrow my Brain strategy session applications
  • 2 new clients already (and I still have 12 Borrow my Brain calls to go)
  • $5,800 in new revenue

(note: some of this money is on a payment plan, so I don't have all the money in my bank account right now, but I have contracts for it to come in over the next couple of months)

  • Return on my $63.17 of Facebook ads so far: 9,081% (and climbing)


Step 1: It all started with TESTING MY MESSAGE.

I wanted to run an ad test to see which message new potential clients would respond to so I put together 128 different versions of my new ad.

You may be thinking 128 ads is a lot of hard work (and you'd be right) but here's the beautiful thing…

… in less than 1 day I could see the winners and losers (see the screenshot below).

(what you can't see are the different audience targets and calls to action in these winners/losers… those play a HUGE role in Facebook ad success).

And it cost me less than $30 in Facebook ads to get super-specific market tested insights into what was really working TODAY for my business.


So I turned off the loser ads and moved on to…

Step 2: Sharing MY FIRST OFFER

In this case, my offer was free – it was an application for a Borrow My Brain strategy session.

So why is this an ‘offer'?

Well, first it's getting potential clients to say ‘yes' and move further into my marketing funnel. They're giving me some great info on their business in exchange for a call with me.


Step 3: Inviting Potential Clients To Become A New Client

During the Borrow My Brain strategy session, I lay it all out there.

I tell potential clients EXACTLY how I would help them exceed their business goals, step by step.

We talk about the funnel steps I suggest (there are a TON of ways to structure a marketing funnel) and why I suggest them.

Then, if I'm a good fit for what they want to accomplish I'll present an offer specific to their business goals.


Facebook ads without a system can be like throwing your money into a bonfire. It's fun to see what happens, but in the end you don't walk away with much.

Once you have a system, though, the entire game changes.

I'm not saying you will get a 9,000%+ ROI immediately in your Facebook ads…

…but imagine if you spent $10 and brought $20 into your business. Wouldn't that be an easy-to-grow business model?

In my case, I spent $63.17 and brought in $5,800.

Will I do it again? 

Absolutely. I would be CRAZY not to because the results are SO WORTH IT.


The question I have for you is… why aren't you running Facebook ads to grow YOUR business?

Ready to talk about filling your business with great new potential clients?

I've got a few more Borrow my Brain strategy sessions available this month. 

Imagine going into next month  KNOWING you have a plan, a partner and a system to consistently bring new clients into your business.

During our Borrow my Brain strategy session, I'll lay out the EXACT marketing funnel I would create to help you blow away your goals (so bring a notebook + pen, you're going to get a TON of value upfront).

And it's free.

Why would I give you a personalized, totally custom funnel laid out? Well, I want to deliver value to you FIRST so you'd know EXACTLY what my approach is to help your business.

I always lead with value first.

And if we're a good fit, I will offer you a chance to work with me where I will be your partner in actually achieving these goals.

Click here to apply today – I've only got a few spots left for this year!

Just imagine how different your business will be in a few short weeks when YOU have a marketing funnel in place to bring 17 (or more) fantastic new potential clients to your virtual doors…

Talk soon!

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