You've been hearing all about how Facebook ads are THE best way to grow your business, right?

Because you know there are over 1.87 BILLION active users on Facebook daily, right? (which probably includes YOUR next customers)

So what's been holding you back from jumping into the Facebook ads game?

Is it the idea of the tech?

Or trying to find a good audience?

Or is it the ad itself… not sure what to say?

Or have you tried ads but they didn't work well for your business?

I've been running Facebook ads for myself and my clients since 2013 (I was even a mentor for Amy Porterfield's FB Profit Lab in 2014 because of my results!).

If you're still wondering about jumping into the Facebook ads world, here are 2 easy ways to tell if Facebook ads are right for your business:

1.  Your Audience

Is your audience on Facebook regularly?

If you target consumers over the age of 30, most likely YES.

If you target small business owners, maybe… depending on what type of business they own.

If you target CEOs of large companies, NO.

One quick way to find out is to search for groups or content in Facebook that relate to your audience/topic.

Put in some magazines, news sites, keywords well-known experts and/or topics that relate to your niche to see what's happening in Facebook land.

If there isn't a lot, your audience may not be there.

But if there is a good amount of activity and engagement, you know Facebook can be a goldmine for your business.

2. Is Your Competition Advertising On Facebook

Have you seen your competition popping up in your Facebook newsfeed? If so, there is a VERY good chance that Facebook ads will work for your business.

But who are your competitors? That question often stumps clients, so I have a quick tool to discover who is out there:

Tool: SEMRush

I use (the free version) to quickly uncover who my client's competitors actually are. Recently I had a health & fitness coach who wanted to try out Facebook ads for her latest group program.

I went to SEMRush to quickly get some great insights. Here are the screenshots of the great information I got back:

Even though there weren't any ads for ‘fat loss for women', SEMRush gave me some other keywords I could look at for ad insights.

What questions do YOU have about Facebook ads? Ask a question below or come on over to join our free Facebook community – Tame the Marketing Monster – and ask your questions there. You can't get answers if you don't ask!!

Not sure if Facebook ads are right for you?

Take this quick quiz and find out! (Hint: You're gonna wish you'd done this sooner!)

Interested in having me run your Facebook ads? I'm getting AMAZING results for clients – growing their email lists, getting sales and crushing launch goals. Contact me and we can set up time to talk.

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