Facebook ads are a fickle, fickle beast.

A couple of weeks ago, I began working with a new client – a dating coach – who was frustrated because he just couldn't find someone to help him get his ads working (and he'd paid good money for so-called ‘expert' help).

He tried creating lead magnet after lead magnet, but nothing was working.

He felt like he was advertising into a big, black hole that sucked money out of his pocket and gave nothing back.

No clients, no email list, no hope!

By the time I spoke with him, he was *almost* ready to throw in the Facebook advertising towel, but a friend recommended me so he gave it a shot…

… well, I took a look at what was happening with his previous ads and it was a hot mess.

Bad targeting, no retargeting, no custom audiences, terrible ad copy, bad creative… and ZERO testing, ZERO reporting, ZERO insights.

Basically that ad manager just threw up an ad, cashed his check and skipped off into the sunset.

That's NOT how I work with my clients… in my mind, that's stealing.

Stealing your client's time, dreams, money, faith in humanity and stealing their business momentum.

(If you're working with someone like that, fire them. Seriously, they're stealing from you and that's wrong.)

Here's how my approach went down…

First, I tested 64 ad potentials for this client based on what he told me about his business and ideal client.

We tested things like:

*   Audience demographics
*   Ad placement
*   Different ad copy (long vs. short, fun vs. curiosity based, etc…)
*   Different ad designs
*   And more…

And you know what? $100 later, we discovered these insights were off for his audience… which is why his ad approach did NOT work.

At this point, my client was really feeling defeated… wondering how the heck he was going to attract new clients…

… because he THOUGHT that the good ‘ole opt-in ad was our only option.

(His previous ad guy had never even mentioned ANYTHING else)

Well, imagine his surprise when I mapped out a completely new approach…

… and within 30 hours, we had results like he'd NEVER seen before.

Here's a snippet of his email:

This is why working with a MARKETING PRO is key. The other guy? He took a couple Facebook ads courses and learned how to technically do Facebook ads.


I have a degree in marketing, 20+ years of experience running marketing campaigns – from solopreneurs like coaches, consultants and experts – to 8-figure 60+ country marketing campaigns at Microsoft.

I've seen it all. Done it all. And made a ton of mistakes (which I call the school of hard knocks!) along the way.

That means YOU get not only my technical abilities, but also the years of experience I have in running HUGELY successful marketing campaigns.

The kind of marketing campaigns that lead to big awards… (here's a peek at a few of my awards…)


But awards are NOTHING compared to seeing my client's excitement over getting results they NEVER thought possible.

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I don't guarantee results (because I don't control how well YOU sell or deliver) but I DO guarantee to give you insights and approaches based on all my experience to get you results.

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