This is a question I hear ALL THE TIME. Because a lot of people believe you have to spend a boatload of cashola to win at Facebook ads.

Not true (unless you're doing it wrong…)

And honestly, there's a lot more that goes into calculating your ad budget than just the dollar amount.

In fact, I've developed proprietary Facebook ad calculators so I can calculate the RIGHT amount my clients need to invest in ads PLUS the benchmarks to know that we'll actually get results.Imagine knowing – if I spend $500 I'll get xxx new people on my list, xxx clients and make $$$$$ profit.

Yep, that's possible when you work with a pro (here's a sneak peek at a few of my calculators).


I've got calculators for:

* 1-on-1 coaching, consulting or expert service
* Products
* Programs
* Webinars
* OTOs (one-time offers)
* Self-liquidating offers (which pay for your ad spend)
* and more!

Because the *right* budget for your business depends on a TON of factors…

(this is when the marketing nerd in me totally come out of the closet…LOL)

Some things to think about when calculating your ads:

* What's the price of the thing you're ultimately selling? If it's $47, your budget will look a LOT different than if it's $147, or $997!
* Your ad click through rate (the # of people who click your ad/# of people who see your ad). The higher that rate, the lower your ad costs will be.
* Your landing page conversion. If it takes 100 people to see your page to get 10 opt-ins, it will cost a LOT more than if you get 50 opt-ins for each 100 people.

And more.

I know, this is total marketing nerd stuff, but it's important so YOU can have a good idea of what you should spend to reach your goals.

(trust me, I've SEEN horror stories of people with big, successful looking campaigns… but they spent so much on ads they didn't actually make any profit!)

If you're thinking about Facebook ads, be sure to ask these questions. Get super clear on what makes sense for YOUR goals, YOUR business and YOUR growth.

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