“Being an entrepreneur is living a mission.” ~Fabienne Raphael of Marketing To Crush Your Competitors

Fabienne never thought of herself as an entrepreneur.

She was on a great track to be a physical therapist and had a truly promising career.

Yet, there was a recurring theme that kept popping up for Fabienne where she absolutely HATED if someone told her, “No, you can’t do that.”

And she didn’t know it at the time, but these were clues to her hidden entrepreneurial spirit.

When Fabienne was in college, she was selected to represent Canada as a member of the national handball team on the world stage.

Exciting, right? And, for a physical therapy major, a potentially career-boosting opportunity to connect with world-class athletes.

Yet the competition in Germany conflicted with an exam she needed to take back in Canada. When Fabienne excitedly approached her professor, she received hugely disappointing news.

He said, “NO.”

Basically he was telling her that staying at home and taking a test was much more important than representing her country on a world stage, competing and networking.

This was not an acceptable answer to Fabienne – not by a long shot.

So she did what any person with entrepreneurial leanings would do… she found a way around that professor. Because she would not let anyone stand in the way of her dreams, goals and incredible opportunity.

This was just one of the first hints that Fabienne might actually be better suited for entrepreneurship than for a corporate job.

Anything from Fabienne’s story resonate with you? I’d love a comment below or email to michelle@michellelevans.com!

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