Don't let your Marketing Funnel flop, get these four things Right!

All you need is a marketing funnel. A passive funnel is what you need to be successful. Funnels are where it’s at….

It really seems like the marketing world has gone funnel-crazy, but what the heck are marketing funnels? And, more importantly, can it help you grow your business?

Truly, marketing funnels are as old as selling, but technology has automated the process — particularly for online marketers. Simply put, a marketing funnel uses targeted advertising to send traffic to a landing page where the user will opt in to your mailing list in exchange for a freebie. Once they've opted in, there are multiple approaches to converting leads into sales.

In order to build a marketing funnel that converts (i.e., brings in more leads) you need to make sure your marketing funnel includes these four things.

1. Strategic Targeting With Facebook Ads

First, you need to understand your audience. You have to know who you are targeting and how you'll get them onto your funnel page. Most funnels rely on Facebook ads to get traffic. There are plenty of other ways to get traffic, like events and referrals, but Facebook ads are probably the quickest and easiest way to drive traffic. You can use audiences to make your offer very specific to your target market.

2. An Irresistible Lead Magnet

Once you know who you are targeting, you'll need to create a free offer, often referred to as a lead magnet ( The lead magnet for your marketing funnel can be a webinar, course, checklist, e-book or anything else that appeals to your target audience. The idea is that it's appealing enough for your target audience to trade their email address for your free offer. The more valuable your free resource is to your target audience, the more leads you can expect!

Don’t be afraid to give away your valuable content. I know many entrepreneurs who are afraid to give away key information for fear their audience won’t buy in the long run. But think about it this way, if your audience loves what you provide for free, they will get even more excited with what you have to offer for your paid offer.

3. Exceptional Marketing Funnel Copy

It doesn't stop with a great offer. So many marketers have well-defined audiences and a great lead magnet, but their sales funnel doesn't do as well as it could have because they didn't focus on writing great sales copy. The text in your ad and on your sales page has to make your offer sound irresistible. There are tons of approaches to writing great sales copy.

My two favorites are:

  • Plain: Just get right to the point and tell them about your offer.
  • Storytelling: Let your customers know how you can solve their problems by telling them a story. They'll love it!

4. A Branded Design Targeted to Your Audience

Finally, you need to make sure your design reflects your business and speaks to your target audience. Simply put, your marketing funnel really should reflect your overall brand. Some brands are clean and simple, while others are loud and busy. Whatever your brand is, extend it into your marketing funnel design.

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Put these four things together in your next marketing funnel to capture more leads and boost your sales, and then let me know how it goes.

Marketing funnels really can be your hustle-free way to a sold out business. When marketing funnels are done correctly they connect you with the best people, and takes those people on a transformational journey to how you can really be a big part of their life, their business.

To find out what marketing funnels can do for your business I invite you to find out what the kind of marketing funnel is right for you and your business. Take this fast and free quiz, then you can layer your personality, and your secret recipe on top of the right marketing funnel that is really going to support what a sold out business means to you.

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